Just Because of a Cup of Coffee (ON HOLD)

Hi my name is Aubrey. I'm about 5'5 , dark brown hair with a few light brown streaks. Enough about me lets talk about what I just did. I just spilled coffee on the person that is going to be my new boss. I was going to be a stylist for a band I think it's called One Direction or something like that but I knew that it was going to be very hard because of all the time I would have to spend with them.


7. Hospital

                                     Aubrey's P.O.V

            When I woke up I was on a hard bed , in a white room. I felt someone's hands on mine. They were warm and I turned around to see Harry asleep in a chair beside my bed , holding my hands as tight as ever. "Harry wake up." I whispered as I saw his green eyes pop open. "Do you want to remind me how I got here?" I asked. "Yea well my ex- girlfriend saw that you were sleeping in the same bed as and freaked out, then ended up punching you in the face causing you to get knocked out." He said calmly. "I should go call a Doctor." He said as he walked out.I then thought over what he told me. Oh I mentally face-palmed myself, it was that ratty blond that slapped me and punched me. Then I noticed that the doctor had come back in with a clipboard."Well I think we should go do a few tests so please come with me." He said.

                                             Harry's P.O.V

            When Aubrey had to do some tests I thought over everything. I had broken up with a supermodel because she hurt Aubrey. Did I really like Aubrey? Well she is beautiful, smart, cute, funny, adorable. I had to stop there because someone was poking my nose. " Harry you have been sitting there for 5 minutes ignoring me." Aubrey said as I looked up."Well lets go! You still have to get to Liam's place tonight." "Oh okay then lets get going!" She said happily. How could I not be in love with her? She was so outgoing beautiful and nice to everyone she saw. When we got home she went straight to grab her luggage."Thank you Anne and Robin for letting me stay here!" She said."It was our pleasure Aubrey." "Well thank you I hope to see you soon." And with that we left. We were soon at the airport and now I was going to have to say goodbye to Aubrey. "Well thank you for letting me stay with you and your family they were really nice." "Its fine they enjoy the company every once in a while. So I guess I'll see you this weekend!" "Bye Harry!!" She called as she boarded the plane. On my way home the only thing I could think of was her! I just wished I could get her out of my head. I fell asleep thinking about her beautiful eyes. 

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