Just Because of a Cup of Coffee (ON HOLD)

Hi my name is Aubrey. I'm about 5'5 , dark brown hair with a few light brown streaks. Enough about me lets talk about what I just did. I just spilled coffee on the person that is going to be my new boss. I was going to be a stylist for a band I think it's called One Direction or something like that but I knew that it was going to be very hard because of all the time I would have to spend with them.


2. A pretty good first impression

                                                  (Still Aubrey's point of view)

            I was at Syco Records walking down to Simon's office when I stopped at the door. I heard many different people talking. '' Is it a girl?'' a deep British voice asked. ''If it is  please don't try anything. She already has to put up with the 5 of us for 1 year.'' another British voice had said. I didn't know what to do so I just knocked on the door without even thinking. Simon opened the door himself and welcomed me in. ''Oh welcome Ms.Jones. We were just talking about you.I would like you to meet One Direction!'' He said while pointing to five boys. ''Um hi I'm Aubrey.'' I said awkwardly. They just sat there staring at me.   

                                                              Louis's P.O.V

                 Boy was she beautiful and I'm pretty sure that the other boys thought so too.But there was just something about how she didn't freak out when she saw us. 

                                                            Harry's P.O.V

                This one was cute but I could tell that the guys thought that too. But they should all know that in a matter of time I will have her wrapped around my finger.

                                                           Niall's P.O.V

                She was like no other girl. She was beautiful,cute,adorable I could go on forever but there is that one thing how she didn't fangirl in front  of us. Heck I don't even think she even liked us! But I do hope that that will change.                                                              

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