Just Another Guy


4. Visiting Liam

The Next Day:

I heard a loud beep from my phone, waking me up.
TEXT FROM HARRY: Hey Love! How are you? It's a beautiful day today, how about after we go visit Liam, we all go down to my house and go swimming? We'll pick you up around 12.
REPLY: Ya that's fine. Seya then. Love ya.
TEXT: Bye. xx
I looked at the clock. It was 10:45. I got out of bed and threw on some clothes and then ran downstairs into my kitchen.
My family was crowded around the table, enjoying a home cooked breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs.
"Morning, Sim," greeted my dad.
"Morning," I said back.
I took a seat next to my little sister, Courtney, and poured myself a glass of orange juice.
I looked around the table.
I had a big family. 4 sisters (Destiny, Emma, Lizzie, and Courtney) and 2 brothers (Zach and Jake).
I helped myself to some pancakes and bacon.
When I finished, I ran upstairs to take my shower and get dressed. I pulled out an aqua blue floral top and some shorts. I put them on and glanced over at the clock. It was 11:55. I ran back downstairs and put on some aqua blue strappy sandals. I heard a knock at the door. I went to go open it but Destiny ran ahead of me.
"Hello Harry," she answered.
"Hi, is Simone home?" he asked.
"Um, sure," she said, moving away from the door.
I knew Destiny was the most jealous of me dating a guy from One Direction.
I walked over to the door where Harry could see me.
"Hey, you look beautiful," Harry said to me.
"Oh please," I said, blushing, "it's just a tank top and some shorts."
"I know, but still, you always are," Harry said, gazing at me.
"Haha thanks," I said, "okay, well lets go."
Harry took my hand and lead me to the limo. He opened the door for me and I got in.
"Hey girly," Eleanor said to me.
"Hey Simone!" the boys screamed at me.
"Hi guys," I laughed back.
The driver took off and before we knew it, we were at the hospital. Everyone got out of the limo and walked inside. We took the elevator up to the third floor and stepped out. Harry walked up to the front desk. Everyone else stood in the waiting room, looking eager to see Liam. Harry walked back with a nurse behind him. She motioned for us to follow herald she lead us to room 210.
"He's in there, been talking about you guys all morning. Asking if you guys were here yet, stuff like that. Bet you guys mean a lot to him," she said thoughtfully.
Louis was the first one to enter the room with Eleanor close behind him. Niall and Zayn followed them. Harry put his arm around me and we walked in together.
"Liam!" Louis shouted.
"Guys! So glad you guys are here!" Liam said, looking happier than ever.
"Hey, Liam," Harry and I said.
"Vas happenin'?" joked Zayn.
Liam laughed.
"So how are you?" Niall asked.
"Eh, well, okay, I guess. But it's pretty boring, and I mean, I've been really worried. I broke a leg and sprained my arm. They both hurt a lot but I just got medicine," Liam explained.
"Well when can you leave?" Zayn asked.
"Not sure," Liam said.
Just then a nurse came in.
"I know you guys just came, but Liam has some stuff to do today so I'm going to have to ask you to leave," the nurse said.
We all sighed and gave our goodbyes to Liam.
"Bye guys. Come back soon, okay?" Liam said, looking sad that we had to leave.
"Will do," Louis said.
We walked outside and got into the limo.
"Where to next?" the driver asked.
"My house," Harry answered.
"Did everyone bring their swimsuits?" Harry asked us.
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