Just Another Guy


3. The Fall

It all happened so fast. The crowd went so silent that you could hear the sharp crack of his bone break. Gasps and screams of shock echoed off the walls. You could hear the loud siren of the ambulance come with paramedics running in with a stretcher. You had just enough time as they hoisted him onto the stretcher to make out those dark brown eyes and buzz-cut hair. Liam Payne.
Eleanor and I ran backstage.
"What happened? Is he okay?" we asked with panicked voices.
"By the looks of it, he tripped and fell off the stage and possibly broke something," a worker answered.
"Where are the guys?" Eleanor asked.
"They went in the hospital truck with Liam. They left you two a limo."
"Great. Thanks," I said.
Eleanor and I went out the back entrance and hopped into the limo. Both of us looked worried and scared.
"California Hospital, please." Eleanor asked the driver.
We quickly arrived and when we did, we rushed into the hospital and asked a lady where Liam was. She said to wait in the waiting room on the third floor, so we went up the elevator to see the rest of the band sitting down in the chairs. They looked worried too.
"Hey guys," I said.
"Hey," Harry answered.
"So, is he okay?" Eleanor asked.
"Um, we aren't sure. But it seems pretty bad. He might've broken a few bones. The stage was pretty high up, and you know, he kind of fell off it," Louis explained.
"No kidding," Niall joked.
Just then, a nurse came out with the results.
"Are you guys here for Liam Payne?" she asked.
" Okay, well, Liam broke a leg and sprained his arm. He is recovering now but you still should let him rest before you see him," the nurse explained.
"Okay, well when can we see him?"
"I'm not exactly sure, but I suggest you come tomorrow, he'll be better then and fully rested," the nurse said.
"Okay then, well thanks, seya tomorrow," Harry said.
Everyone left the hospital and we all got into a limo. Harry took my hand and lead me into the limo. He put his arm around my shoulder and then sat next to me. I could tell he was worried. I gave him a light kiss on his cheek and laid my head down on his shoulder. No one spoke until we arrived at the first stop, my house. Harry walked me over to my front door,
"Sorry," he said.
"Why? It's not your fault. He'll be okay. Don't worry," I reassured him.
"Thanks. Hey, I'll seya tomorrow. Love you," Harry said, giving me a kiss and walking back to the limo. He waved bye and got in. I walked into my house and ran upstairs. I thought about what happened at the concert, replayed it in my mind, and tried to remember what exactly happened tonight. For some odd reason, I couldn't remember why he had fallen. But before I could think too hard about it, I fell off into a fast, deep sleep.
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