Just Another Guy


5. Swimming at Harry's

We arrived at Harry's house quickly. We all walked inside. This wasn't the first time I've been to Harry's house, but once won't let you know your way around.
Everyone followed Harry towards the back of the house. He opened up two big doors off the kitchen and motioned for us to go out. Outside, you saw a nice, big, built in egg shaped pool with lounge chairs and even a towel rack. Under the pavilion to the left was a cushioned seating area with a large grill. To the right was a jacuzzi with a drink bar. Beyond the pool, was a huge field of fresh cut grass.
"Wow," Eleanor said, "this is nice."
"Thanks," Harry said, " you guys can change in the bathroom inside, it's just off the left side of the kitchen."
"Okay, thanks," Eleanor said, walking inside with everyone else behind her.
Once I got changed into my swimsuit, I headed outside. Louis and Eleanor were splashing each other in the pool while Harry was sitting on the edge, watching them. He turned around and saw me. He got up and we walked towards each other.
"Hey, finally, I've been waiting for you," he joked trying to hug me and get me wet.
I pushed him away. "Stop! You're wet!" I laughed.
He picked me up.
"No! You better not!" I shouted.
He then threw me into the pool.
"Harry!" I giggled.
"Sorry, do you need a hand?" He asked, stretching his arm out to reach me.
"Sure," I said, grabbing his hand and pulling him in.
We both laughed. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss.
"Incoming!" I heard someone shout, but before I could see who it was someone did a canon ball right in front of me and Harry. Water splashed all over us. I saw black hair pop up out of the water.
"Zayn!" I shouted.
Eleanor and Louis were laughing their heads off. But just then, Niall came in doing a canon ball right in front of them. Now it was our turn to laugh.
Niall popped out of the water.
Now everyone was laughing hysterically.
Eleanor and I got out of the water and laid down in the lounge chairs. We heard Zayns phone ring. He went inside and answered it, while Harry, Niall, and Louis took the other lounge chairs. We were all relaxing and listening to music when Zayn came out. He looked like he had been crying.
"Zayn? You alright?" Niall asked.
"Um, no, not really," Zayn said, not quite meeting our eyes.
"Well, who was on the phone?" Louis asked.
"Perrie," Zayn said. It looked like it hurt to say her name.
"Oh, and..." Niall continued.
"We broke up," Zayn finished. Tears started to move down his cheeks.
"I'm, I'm sorry, Zayn," Harry said.
There was silence.
"Yeah, yeah I am too," Zayn coughed, going back inside.
There was awkward silence.
"Well, what's for dinner?" asked Louis.
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