Just Another Guy


1. Paparazzi

"Hey Simone," I heard a voice call from behind me. I recognized it, and I bet I wasn't the only one who would. He was in a famous boy band called One Direction. He was Harry Styles, a boy any girl would be lucky to even meet let alone date. Me, well I just thought of him as another guy, that was, well, my boyfriend. He acted just like a normal guy you would meet off the street. That's what I like about him, he's not what you would think a superstar would act like. He's nice, talented, and super funny.
"Hey," I smiled back.
"Are you coming to my concert tonight?" he asked, bending down to pet my dog.
"Yeah, front row."
"Awesome. It'll be a little crazy but we can maybe have some time afterwards to hang out."
"Yeah, I hope so."
A crowd was forming around us. Typical. This is one of the few things I dislike about being Harry Styles girlfriend: there are always fans and paparazzi around us. But I am pretty famous for being his girl. In school, I'm super popular and there is always a crowd around me. Everyone says they wish they were me. In some ways, I couldn't blame them, but I would never tell them that. Harry doesn't go to public school, and he would be trampled over if he did. People asking for his autographs and all that. Today, we met at the park. It's where I always go to walk my dog, Pepper, especially on a sunny Saturday like today.
"Let's go," Harry said, putting his hand on my back and leading me away from the people flashing their cameras and asking for autographs. Why can't people just leave us alone for once?
We walked out of the park and headed for the cafe. I know Harry, and I know he would've signed those autographs and posed for those pictures if I wasn't there. He knows when we're together I like it to be just us and no disruptions, because we're lucky for the time we have together.
Harry opened the door and motioned for me to go in. We took a booth at the back of the cafe.
"Sorry again, about all the paparazzi and stuff. I know how you don't like that stuff," he apologized.
"No, no, it's totally okay, I mean, what do you expect when you're dating Harry Styles?"
Both of us giggled.
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