Love’s second chance.

This is our first fanfic, its about giving love a second chance. The story is based on Harry Styles from One Direction Of course, he is dating a girl named Nicole.
Nichole is in a band with two her best friends, she was on X Factor, and she started dating Harry because she wanted to win the x factor. Harry doesn't know that, so he really opens up to her, and give her all his love......find out more by reading The fanfic "Love second chance"


1. The truth.


(Harry’s Pov)

- I love you, babe. You know that, right?’ I whisper into my girlfriend, Nicola’s ear while we were sitting on the couch watching a romantic movie. 

- I love you too, baby.’ she said. I love to hear those words. It instantly puts a smile on my face. I kissed her on the lips, and looked into her eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes.  

- I would give the world to you, if I could. I will never let you go.’ I said and started kiss her neck. I meant it. 

I keep whispering how much I loved her, but she didn't respond. I didn't mind it and just kept kissing her. Nicola and I have been dating for 4 months now, but it felt like we have been together forever. She is in a band with her 2 best friends and they got world famous after they won the X factor this year.

She was quiet and I looked at her. There was something bothering her.

- Babe, are you alright?’ I asked and looked at her.

- Yes, of course. I'm fine.’ she said, but I knew she was lying. I let it go and watched the movie. 

None of us said anything during the movie. That was weird. We always talk when we watch a movie, but not this time. There was something that was bothering her I could see it in her eyes but I didn't know what. When I was about to ask her, she stood up and said that she had to go to the bathroom, I stood up and gave her a kiss on the cheek and she went.

I sat back down and waited for her. While I was watching the movie, Nicola got a message . I didn't check it, because I knew that it was wrong, but then she got another one. I got curious, but I didn't check it either, but the third message, I grabbed her phone and read it. 

It was from her friend, I just wanted to text her that Nicola was in the bathroom and she will come in a sec, but then I accidently read the message. 

”OMFG, NICOLA! I totally love you! What you have done have changed my life! OUR LIVES! I still can’t believe it! xx’

- Okaai…?’ I thought to myself and then I read the next one. It was from her other friend.

”Nicola, babe. I'm never gonna thank you enough for what you have done! Yea, I know its a mean thing you are doing to him, but WHO THE FUCK CARES! Love ya babe, see ya <3 xx.

Okay, now I’m getting really confused.’ I said and read the last message. It was from her manager. 

”There is my superstar! You don't know what you have done, honey! Not only for the band, but for you! Having a fake relationship with Harry Styles is the best idea ever! You are gonna get far in life, babe, I promise. Much love xoxo.

I feel the heat of my heart while I read those words.

”Having a fake relationship.”

I stand up, run my fingers thru my hair and walked around the living room.

This can't be true, IT CAN'T BE! 

What did she even mean?! Fake relationship? Is she cheating on me? Oh god, she was! 

The words keep running threw my mind. No, no, no, no, NO! But, why? What did I do? I gave her my heart and yet, she was cheating on me? 

Then I heard Nicola walking down the stairs. 

- Harry, have you seen my phone?’ she asked me, but I didn't answer.

- Oh, there it is. Thanks, babe.’ she said while looking at my hands holding her phone and she came closer to me, reaching for her phone. I took a step back, and looked straight into her eyes. 

- Babe, can I please get my phone back?’ she asked.

- You got a few messages while you were gone…..from your friends and your manager.’ I said, looking at her worried.

- Okay, thanks for letting me know. Can I get it back now?’ she asked me again.

- Please tell me this isn't true.’ I said, giving her her phone back.  she looked a little bit confused, but then she read it.

- You have been reading my messages?’ She said, looking angry.

- Answer me.’ I said a bit loud. 

- Tell me it isn't true. Tell me that this is a joke or prank or something.’ I say waiting for her to deny the whole thing, but she didn't. I could feel a tear coming from my eyes.

- Sorry, Harry.’ She said looking down.

- How could you, Nicola? After everything we have been through! I gave everything to you, and still, all this was fake! I can't believe you actually cheated on me!’ I say tears streaming down my face.

- I actually didn't cheat on you, Haz....I' She said and I was really confused now.

- What, Nicola? What did you do?' I said still crying.

- I'm sorry, Harry. I really am. Believe me.’ she said and came closer to me.

- Just tell me what you did. I said and crossed my arms. 

- Well, me and the girls were in the bottom 2 in the X - factor and we were about to go off the show.

Then I thought that dating a very famous person would help us get back in the "game". You guys were the most famous band in the UK these days so I thought Dating one of One Direction would make us more famous and then the Directioners will vote for us just because I'm dating you. Louis, Zayn and Liam had girlfriends and Niall was too hard to get, so it all came to you. 
I started dated you, and it all went as planned.

But, Harry. I’m really sorry and I'm not asking you to forgive me, because what I did was one of the worst things a person can ever do to one who loves them. All I'm asking you is to not tell anyone about this. If the management knows about this, its the end for me. 

I can't believe this, how could she do this to me. I loved her so much, I gave her my heart, I was so true to her, but she just threw it all that away. 

- Harry?’ she whispered.

- Don't worry. I'm not gonna tell anyone about your secret, but I don't want to ever see you again. I want you out of my life for good. You understand?’ I say with a angry voice. She nodded.

- Thanks.’ she said and looked down.

- Don't thank me. Now get out.’ I said and pointed to the door. As she went out, I fell on the floor crying. I was torn. 

…… to be continue....

This is the first chapter. Hope you liked it! Give us feedback and we'll post chapter 2! :)

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