Those Five Boys

Kayley was on her way to meet her friend Peyton at Nandos when five boys ran into her knocking her out. When she wakes up she has no idea who the five boys are. Then she realizes, their One Direction!


1. You're who?

"On my way!" I texted Peyton as I walked past Starbucks. Then i heard screaming, and the next thing I know it was black.

"Bro shes waking up!!"I heard and Irish boy say to someone. I slowly opened my eyes. "Who are you?" I asked the gorgeous blonde boy. "I'm Niall! And that's liam!" He said pointing to a brunette boy with cute eyes. Hmm, two cute boys, I can deal! "I'm Kayley."I said. Then three more boys walked in. "Whos the babe?" Said the one holding a Nandos bag. I later learned his name was Harry. "I'm zayn, thats Louis." Said the one with the quiff pointing the one in the superman shirt. Time to have some fun. "Superman!" I said talking to louis. "Save zayn!" I said. "Whys that?" He asked. "He got his hair done in dumb hairshire." I said trying to keep a straight face. "Good one!" He said giving me a high five. Zayn was fake crying the corner. "Aww its okay zayney baby! I was only kidding!" I said getting up and walking over to him and giving him a hug. Then I saw the nandos bag again. "FUCKING SHIT!" I screamed rushing over and calling peyton. She didnt answer but then she called back. My ringtone was one direction and when the boys heard it they all started singing along and laughing. But I wasn't. "You guys are one direction.." I said. "Yes we are!" They said as I answered the phone. "Pey Im so sorry I got kinda kidnapped, yep you could say that!" I said. "What do you mean?" She asked. "Well the boys of one direction kinda knocked me out and Im kinda sorta hanging out with them now." I held the phone away from my here whilst she screamed. "I'll send Zayn to get you from Nandos." I said hanging up. Whilst Zayn i got all the boys numbers and got to know them better. I think Niall is cute. "I am?" He said. "I said that out loud didn't I?" I asked. "No you can't think that because you're my baby mama!" Louis said. "And my wife!" Liam said. "HAHA! I never knew I could have so much fun. Then Zayn walked in with a karoke machine. OH god. I don't want them to know my secret. "Kayley first!" Peyton said, smirking. I got up and started singing The A team by Ed sheeran. By the time i was done, all of their jaws were wide open. "MY WIFE CAN SING!!!!!!!" Liam screamed. "Im sending that to paul and simon. You're coming on tour with us. No buts, ands,ifs,or ors."Louis said.

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