Kidnapped for Life

Amber was only 9 when she had been kidnapped, it has been 6 years since then, and she is losing hope quickly that anyone will find her. She still hasn't a clue who it is she is being forced to live w/. Will She eve find out? Will she still remember her family if they rescue her? Find out here about her story. Hope you like it :) -Livi


3. It IS You!

 I was just sitting there for a while after I scarfed down my plate of food. Much better than the garbage that I was being fed before. "What's wrong Amb?" "Just been thinking about something I had seen before you took me here." "What was it?" "Well, a little while down the street, I saw a girl who was playing around w/ two little kids, she-she looked just like me...Like Abbey!" "Oh my goodness! Really? Come on!" "Where are we going?" "To find Abbey!" We started down the street,then around the block. Then all the way across town. Nothing. No one was outside. Kind of a run-down place I guess. I wanted to just shout out her name, I wanted,no. I needed to see my sister. To know she was okay. The thought of anything happening to her... It doesn't even have words to describe it. I was just about to give up, when all hope was lost, when right in front of me, stood my sister. I was speechless. We just looked at eachother for the moment. Her expression was dull, though her eyes said I smile. She suddenly reached out her hand and set it on my face. Her face quickly brightened, and she pulled me into  a great big bear hug. She had a smile on her face, big enough to go from ear to ear. "Amber! It IS you! I thought we would never see eachother again!" "I know! How long ago was it that you came back home?" "Only a week or so. Not long. Where have you been? I came home the day I escaped and I rushed home to see you. Until my heart broke when Mom told me what happened. And now, here you are! I've missed you!" Another bear hug. I love when she does that. I hadn't realized how much I've missed being w/ her until now, when I felt a tear run down my cheek. "I've missed you too." I had only managed to whisper that in her ear. My life is finally looking brighter for me. "By the way, who were the little kids you were playing with earlier today?" "Oh! That's our little brother and sister. They're twins too. Only three years each. They are soo ADORABLE! You will love them, even more so, they'll love you."  "Okay then,what are we waiting for...Let's go home." That's something I've waiting 6 years for to say.

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