Kidnapped for Life

Amber was only 9 when she had been kidnapped, it has been 6 years since then, and she is losing hope quickly that anyone will find her. She still hasn't a clue who it is she is being forced to live w/. Will She eve find out? Will she still remember her family if they rescue her? Find out here about her story. Hope you like it :) -Livi


4. Home Sweet..Wait.What?

    It takes us about ten minutes to get home and I'm getting more and more anxious as we go on down the street. Questions just keep going through my head. What will they look like? Will anyone remember me? Will they even care that I'm home? I feel a warm arm around my shoulder.It was Abbey. Then one on my back. Emily. I must have had shed a tear because Abbey uses a napkin to wipe it off my cheek. "Oh.Uh..Thanks..." I blushed. "Welcome!" She giggled about my blushing. We arrive at at a beautiful blue house with flowers around the border of the walkway. "Im home,Mother! I brought someone that you would love to see!" "Who? Umm...Amber?" "Hi Momma!" I try to go in for a hug but she steps away. I'm confused now at this point. "Why did you bring this brat home,Ab!" She snarled at Abbey,she wasn't joking either. She was serious. "W-What do you mean!" I practically shouted at her through all my tears. "I mean that no one wants you here anymore. Did you really think that we would have mourned over you for 6 years? Oh Please! Grow Up or just leave." Abbey chimed in now. "MOM! How could you! HOW! She was kidnapped! You didn't even care! Did you even SEARCH for her like you did me!" "Honestly no. She has always been a brat from the day she was born. We didn't bother to look for her because it didn't effect our lives in any way." "We are both leaving.NOW!" "Sweetie,We love you! YOU don't have to leave." "Wherever my sister goes.I go. Goodbye forever." With that we left. (A/N) Sorry about the short chapter. Headache. Blah! And sorry for the late update. Had choir,band, and a sleepover for the past few days. Thanks so much for all the SUPER sweet comments! Love you all! Bye! -Livi :)

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