Kidnapped for Life

Amber was only 9 when she had been kidnapped, it has been 6 years since then, and she is losing hope quickly that anyone will find her. She still hasn't a clue who it is she is being forced to live w/. Will She eve find out? Will she still remember her family if they rescue her? Find out here about her story. Hope you like it :) -Livi


2. Freedom,Almost

I ran as fast as my fragile legs would go, I was so skinny,You could almost see my bones. I felt like my body was about to break down and leave me stranded. Wherever I was. Before I did anything,I had to find somewhere to go...then it hit me. Im homeless. Where will I stay? How will I survive? Just at that moment,I regognized my surroundings. I were behind the woods by the old park in the willow trees.I slowly started to head towards the park bench, when someone familiar was sitting on the swings. *Gasp!* It was Emily! She used to be mine and Abbey's best friend. It's now or never if I want to survive. "Umm...E-Emily?" "Huh? Oh.My.Gosh! Amber!" She jumps up and gives me a big bear hug. "Where-How-What?How did you get back here Amber!?" "I escaped from my kidnapper.It wasn't easy.I was scared for my life!" "What'd he look like?" She seemed a bit nervous before asking me. "Kind Of Handsome.A big scar fromhis right cheek to his left eye though.Why?" "Because! Run! Come On! NOW!" "Why!" I turn around and surely enough, there he is. All bloodied up, and furious. He turned from a slow leizurly walk into almost a full sprint. I immediately burst to tears and follow Emily to what I think is her backyard. I peek through a hole in the wooden boards. He didn't see us, so he kept running past the fence. Emily grabs my hand and takes me inside. Her mom was standing there in the kitchen making chicken. It smelled amazing. "Um,Emily. Dear, Who is your little friend here?" "You know her Mom, it's...." I think she was waiting to see she would catch on. "Oh my goodness! Umm Abb-No Wait,Amb-Umm Which one is it...Amber?" "Yes,Ma'am. It's me." "Oh,sweetie,you look starving bless your little heart! Em, Show her to the washroom, and give her some of your clothes please." "Sure thing,Ma! Come on Amb!" She always called me that when we were little. "Thanks Em!" "Cool Beans!" I finish bathing and getting dressed at about 3:00. I come into the dining room to a full plate of food. I haven't felt this much at home in such a long time.

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