God's Bravest Warriors

Sometimes, life goes on perfectly, no problems. You wake up, fall in love & go back to sleep. Other times, the idea of 'life' is the scariest thing of all. God sends the bravest warriors to our world to show us how beautiful, and terrifying, life can be.
|| A Justin Bieber Love Story ||


1. P r o l o g u e ∞

       I heard the pitter-patter of the rain fall on the rooftop, it reminded me the bare feet that once roamed along this hallway. The small giggles that always seemed to bring a smile to my face. Why did he have to leave? Tears slipped from my eyes as I remembered his dark blue orbs staring at me.

        "Justin, are you there?" I heard the same beautiful voice that always seem to run through my head, call my name.

        I walked past the beautiful moral made by the same delicate fingers that my grandmother's diamond ring fit perfectly, the same beautiful hand that seemed to mold into mine. I studied the paint strokes, the careful color selection that never seemed to do those enchanting blue eyes justice.

        Instead of standing for hours, gazing at the beautiful painting, I walked towards the same room that brought the happiness that once made my world spin, but, also, brought the overwhelming sadness that stopped my heart for, what seemed like, ever. Pushing the red door open, my hands lingering beneath the word 'love' written three times, I spotted my entire world. 

        She laid on the purple silk bed sheets, her beautiful blue eyes shining brighter than the sun. Her brittle hands wrapped tightly around the gift of a teddy bear a blue eyed baby boy gave her.

        "Good morning, beautiful." I whispered, reaching for her pill bottle, slipping two into her breakfast. "How was your sleep?" Carefully pulling away the white teddy bear from her hands, I set the tray up & gave her pancakes, sausage & bacon. Her favorite.

        "I had that dream again," She managed to whisper past her chapped lips, "He can't be gone, Justin. He just can't." Tears slipped from her every so familiar blue eyes. I had to stay strong, for her. I couldn't cry in front of her, it would make her hurt even more. "Please, tell me he's just sleeping in his room, his spiderman pajamas are keeping him warm. Please, tell me he's still here."

        "I can't."

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