God's Bravest Warriors

Sometimes, life goes on perfectly, no problems. You wake up, fall in love & go back to sleep. Other times, the idea of 'life' is the scariest thing of all. God sends the bravest warriors to our world to show us how beautiful, and terrifying, life can be.
|| A Justin Bieber Love Story ||


5. 4; Party F e v e r ∞

Rosalinda's Point of View

   "Honey, take a step back, he's mine." I replayed the words again and again in my head. Why did I let this get to me? Of all people I let 
Annaliese get to me? The girl's been trying to get under my skin for years when suddenly a boy comes along and I let my guards down? Ugh, I discust myself sometimes.
    "Rose? Are you okay?" Courtney asked, concern laced in her voice.
    "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Can I have something to drink? I'm ready to actually get partying." I smiled. Whatever 'pain' I was feeling would surely be gone in a few hours, right?
    "Wow. Good girl Rosalinda is actually going to drink? Somebody grab a camera and take a picture." Allison sneered, her brown eyes filled with delight. Tia, Annaliese's other follower, stuck like glue to Allison. It made me sick.
    Rolling my eyes, I walked over to the drink table. Almost any alcoholic drink you could find was in my reach. And I was about to drink every last sip.

Justin's Point of View

      "Chug it! Chug it!" The group chanted, I watched in awe as the blonde girl downed yet another beer. She slammed the bottle down, her blue eyes wide open, a giggle flying from her glossed lips. She was beautiful.
       "Oh! I have an idea." Rose's voice was music to my ears, her high pitched giggle sent chills down my spine. "Let's play spin the bottle!" Her bright white teeth gleamed with excitement. This idea was perfect, just perfect.

        "I'm up for it." I raised my hand, staring at Rose, waiting for her reaction. Instead, I got a low growl from behind. I turned around and found Anna, my "
girlfriend'. The reality? I was just using her to get to Rose. She just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
        "Why don't you come upstairs with me?" Annaliese's fake smile was playing on her red lips, her caramel eyes practically begging. Even though the offer was tempting, I couldn't resist the blonde beauty standing five feet away. She was everything I wanted and more.
        "Sorry babe," I started stealing a glance at the shocked face one Rosalinda Oceanito. "I want to play spin the bottle with my friends, why don't you join?"  I smiled as I put the words as painless as possible. The truth is, I couldn't stand the bitch. I've been in a relationship with this girl for a week and all she wants is, well, me. I've yet to go outside of my house without her manicured hand wrapping mine. I'm going crazy.
        "I guess, but that bottle better land on me everytime." Annaliese's fake smile and overly excited wink proved that she's pissed. Congratulations, Justin, you just made the bitch mad.

Justin's Point of View continued...

        As if on cue, it was Rose's turn. I was getting sick of this. So far, I had to kiss three girls; Isabella Braves, party girl. Brielle Niceley, rocker chick. And, lastly, Natasha Lillian, the freshman whore, she wouldn't be invited if everyone of the guys didn't say she gave amazing blowjobs. What? I never said I wasn't a total guy?
       Don't get me wrong, the girls were beautiful and great kissers, but it wasn't... perfect. I feel like if I kissed Rose that I would feel... everything. I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass. That bottle will land on me if it's the last thing I do....

Rosalinda's Point of View

     Finally, my turn. It took a while, I had to kiss two boys; Conner Jameson, he had that cute nerd boy quality. Alek Daniels, he was the boy who always seemed to pull anything off. And I could tell you, I wasn't complaining. The boys were gorgeous, both ideal boyfriends, but something was missing. 

     I pushed the thought out of my brain, the night is going perfect, I'm not gonna let something stupid like that ruin everything. I picked up the empty wine cooler and looked around the circle, a little under half were lads. We haven't had a girl land on a girl, I wasn't about to be the first    
       I sent the bottle spinning, my stomach filled with butterflies. I didn't dare look at the one boy I hoped, prayed and wished the bottle would point to. What if it did? Would he refuse to kiss me? The questions ran around my head a mile a minute. 'Stop.' My brain sneered. 'Of course he'll kiss you, you're beautiful.' My heart added, receiving a chuckle from my brain.
     The bottle stopped. Where did it land? Between two boys that got to me in undeniable ways..... Justin Bieber, the brown eyed boy who captured my heart & Noah Brooks, my first love.
     "You gotta pick, Rose!" 
      Today has just been going swell, hasn't it?


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