God's Bravest Warriors

Sometimes, life goes on perfectly, no problems. You wake up, fall in love & go back to sleep. Other times, the idea of 'life' is the scariest thing of all. God sends the bravest warriors to our world to show us how beautiful, and terrifying, life can be.
|| A Justin Bieber Love Story ||


4. 3; Love is C o i n c i d e n t a l ∞

Justin's Point of View
        "Dude, why'd you have to ruin it?" Aaron's voice rang through my ears. I rolled my eyes, why did I have to be related to this little joke? He doesn't understand anything.
        "Aaron, I didn't ruin anything but your chances of having that babe. My chances, on the other hand, are stronger than ever." A smirk played on my lips, everything went perfect. I looked at my fifteen year old cousin, his eyes were filled with confusion. He just doesn't get it. "Ugh," I started, stopping in my footsteps. "Did you not see the way she acted? She wants me. All girls want to be the first one to really get under a guys skin, she just happened to be tricked into it. She can't wait to get to me." I smiled at my own plan.
         "But, isn't she just going to give up after you let her in?" He asked. The kid should have brought a notebook if he wanted to learn my secrets, I've got tons. 
         "Most girls would, but I don't know about her." I smiled. "She just seems, different." I began to daydream about her deep blue eyes and high cheekbones framed by her blonde locks. As much as I hated to admit it, I do believe she's the most beautiful girl I've met. 
         I heard a chuckle from behind me. I turned around so fast I nearly gave myself whiplash. "What?" I said through my teeth. This kid gets on my nerves more than anyone else on the planet.
        "Nothing," He started, trying to copy my famous smirk. "It's just... someone's in love." Aaron mumbled before running for his life. Normally, things like that would make me pissed to no end, but this time I didn't mind. Maybe I was in love. I mean, Rosalinda Oceanito is honestly the most perfect girl on the planet.
         Oh my god. Dude, what the hell are you talking about? She's just a girl. You are going soft- I stopped myself before the thoughts got worse. This girl wasn't going to change me.
         No way in hell.


Rosalinda's Point of View

          "Rosa!" Courtney shouted across my room. I whipped my head towards her, ready to get this nightmare over with. We've spent at least a half hour trying to find my outfit. "What do you think?" She said, a smile playing on her glossed lips. My eyes landed on the gold dress in her hands. It was something I hadn't seen in years. My mother wore it to her first party, I remember her telling me the story and begging me to wear it to my first.
           "Court, it's absolutely perfect." I walked over, dying to feel it's fabric once again. After my mother moved out, I didn't have the heart to throw it out, I always kept it at the back of my closet. It always brought back painful memories of the divorce, but this time, I felt like I should wear it. Like I deserve to. 
           She threw it towards me. "Hurry up and put it on! We are running late and we still have to put make up on!" Pushing me into my bathroom, Courtney grabbed a brush and began raking it through her hair.
           I slipped the little gold number on, it slid on with ease. I didn't face the mirror, afraid to see a reflection that would disappoint. I ran my fingers along the hem, it landed right below my butt. My father would whine and say it's too short, but in reality, it fit perfectly. 
           I dared myself to turn, to look at my reflection. I slowly maneuvered my body to face the mirror, my eyes tightly shut. I was afraid of what I'd see. The fabric felt... right on my skin, but I knew that there was a possibility that what I would see would disappoint my mother, even though she's long gone. 
           "Rose? Are you coming?" Courtney's voice interrupted my thoughts. Surprised, I let my eyes open and saw what I thought was my own mother. The refection- I mean I looked exactly like her. The ocean blue eyes of the once strongest person in my life stared back at me.
           "We are gonna be- Woah." Courtney was now behind me, the look in her deep brown eyes signaled her excitement. "You look... amazing. Perfect, actually."


           I walked through the bright red doors of the giant white house. In the entire three seconds I've been in the house, I've seen four couples making out, five people spill something on themselves and the most beautiful boy I had seen my entire life. I was ready to leave.
           He looked straight at me, his golden brown eyes enchanting mine. My heart lurched forward. You idiot... My brain sneered, Don't you take another step. He's a jerk and he doesn't care about you. My heart didn't care, though, it still forced my legs to bring me forward. Closer to the one person I had fallen for in a matter of minutes. I hate him.
           I was five steps away, his eyes still set firmly on mine, when Courtney hugged him from behind. Wait, Courtney? What the hell? I stopped too fast, receiving a very crucial shove from behind. I was sent flying into my best friend and the mysterious, gorgeous boy.  
           "What the- Oh, hey Rosa!" Courtney giggled, the noise flew through one ear and out the other. His arms were around my waist, attempting to support me, but it only made my every move ten times more weak. As much as I hated to admit it, I never wanted to this to end. But, like always, something had to ruin it.
            "Justin? Are you okay?" The one and only Annaliese Cambell's high pitched voice rang through my ears. She just have to ruin everything doesn't she?
            Justin let go off my waist faster than you could say rejection. His strong arms latched onto Anna, and she managed to regain her 'sparkling' smile. She made me sick.
           "Can you get me a drink, Justin?" The wicked witch of Juicy Couture stared at the mysterious- Woah. Wait. Justin? As in the gorgeous new kid Justin? Could today get any worse? I watched him walk towards the giant punch bowl, he looked perfect.
           Annaliese came close to me, her high pitched voice lowered to a whisper. "Honey, take a step back, he's mine." 


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