God's Bravest Warriors

Sometimes, life goes on perfectly, no problems. You wake up, fall in love & go back to sleep. Other times, the idea of 'life' is the scariest thing of all. God sends the bravest warriors to our world to show us how beautiful, and terrifying, life can be.
|| A Justin Bieber Love Story ||


3. 2; Best Friends for L i f e ∞

Rose's Point of View

       I held onto Bryce's hand tightly, his deep green eyes sparkling. He couldn't be more excited about his first day in kindergarten, not only did my little brother soar through sports, but he could absorb anything you threw at him. Hence, he starts school early. My little brother was as gifted as you could be.
       "Rose, should I be scared?" Bryce asked, no fear hidden behind his voice. 
       I laughed a bit, he always wanted to make sure he fit in. "You don't have to be scared, you are only going into kindergarten, Bryce. Remember how you weren't even scared for your first soccer game?" I asked, receiving a slight giggle. "You're just brave little boy." I smiled, gazing into his green eyes.
       "I'm not a little boy, Rosalinda!" He said, a chuckle escaping his lips. "I'm in kindergarten. I am a man!" Heads turned toward the two of us, we laugh at all of their faces. 
       "Now, Bryce." I said as we finally reached the door, "You are in school, now. You can't just get up and run around. You have to listen to your teachers, no goofing off. Got it?" I asked, jabbing a finger in his direction. He'd heard the lecture only a billion times before.
        "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it! Can I just go now?" His eyes filled with eagerness. Never have I seen a child so excited for school. I let go of his little hand, and watched my little brother push through the doors into a whole new ball park.

       I walked to my car, glad the work day was finally over. I got my internship at Strawberry last month, having the job allows me to miss half of school, I just have to make up the work throughout the school year. My best friend, Courtney, always exclaims how jealous she is. 'It's only the most popular fashion industry out there!' I pictured her plump pink lips whisper in History, attempting not to get caught by the boss. Mrs. Fraile.
       Courtney and I met in second grade at the soccer field. It was my very first match, we were winning 3-0, Courtney's coach stuck her in last minute. She was the opponents secret weapon. I just happened to be the perfect competition for little miss soccer legacy. I ran into the game, eyeing up my competition. She had long black hair down to her waist, deep brown eyes. She was absolutely terrifying. She glared at me, obviously convinced that I was no secret weapon. She was one hundred percent convinced that I was just the pretty girl they sent on the field to scare the boys. 
        There was four minutes left in the game, the ball was all mine, not another player insight. I was only four yards from the goal, that was when I had the air knocked out of me. Courtney caught up and was determined to capture the ball in her grasp. My light pink laces were untied on my hot pink spikes and she tripped the both of us. I ended up breaking my arm, she broke her ankle.  We hated each other for the longest time, but during my appointment to get my cast, she happened to have scheduled the same appointment. My father brought me when he got a call from work saying it was an emergency and that he needed to get down there as soon as possible. I was stuck with Courtney and her mother.
        Just as it was my turn to go into the cast room, I felt tears slide down my cheeks. As much as I hated to admit it, I was scared. My father promised he'd go in with me and hold my hand the entire time, but I realized it wasn't going to happen that way a little too late. Courtney saw the tears in my eyes and practically begged her mom to ask if we could go in together. After a thorough rule session, we entered the antibacterial room. Courtney and I ended up getting matching lime green cast. After that we were inseparable.
        I smiled at the thought of Courtney and I when my phone buzzed in my jean pockets. I pulled my phone out, dropping the back cover in the process, and hit enter.

From; Courtney 

Rosalinda Oceanito! Why didn't you answer the phone?
xoxo, Court.

My fingers flew across the keypad, Courtney never calls me. Ever. She's the type of girl that sends everything through texts.

From; Rosalinda

Courtney Elite! I didn't answer my phone because I wasn't expecting a call. What's wrong?
oxox, Rose.

     It was five seconds after the phone texts when I saw Courtney's picture light up my screen.
     "Hello?" I answered, my voice echoing through the phone.
     "Rosalinda?" Courtney asked, I heard the excitement in her voice.
     "Yes, Courtney Danielle Elite?" I smiled, she hates when I use her full name.
     "One, don't use my full name. Two, don't go to school. They let us out early. Something about the heat. And three, get your best dress on babe, we are going to the one and only Justin Drew Bieber's house." Her voice slid up an octave as she said Justin's name.
     I furrowed my eyebrows, never in my life had I heard that name. "Justin?" I asked, not understand what's so special about this boy.
     "Oh yeah! You have to work the first half of the day. You missed all the fun." Courtney giggled, I could almost see the smile on her lips. "West Jay High School has officially adopted a hot new kid." I laughed at Courtney. Yes, our school has gotten new kids in the past, but never a sweet, gorgeous one. We always got stuck with the beautiful girls or the sweet boys that never talks to girls. I have to dig deeper on this subject.
      "What does this gorgeous boy look like?" I asked, sitting in my car.
      "Well, he has this light brown hair that he always has in a quiff. He has gorgeous deep brown eyes..." Courtney sighed into the phone. "He's so perfect Rosa, you don't understand."I pictured her falling onto her silk bed sheets, that dazed look in her eyes. 
      "Meet me at my place in ten?" I asked, "We need to get ready for this party!" 
      "I wonder if Justin's going?" She asked, her giggle flying through my ear. "Anyway, see you then, babe!"

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