God's Bravest Warriors

Sometimes, life goes on perfectly, no problems. You wake up, fall in love & go back to sleep. Other times, the idea of 'life' is the scariest thing of all. God sends the bravest warriors to our world to show us how beautiful, and terrifying, life can be.
|| A Justin Bieber Love Story ||


2. 1; The B e g i n n i n g ∞

Rose's Point of View

      I watched from the sidelines as my younger brother ran up to the net, scoring yet another goal. He always seemed to capture the ball before any of the other five year olds had time to move their feet. I guess being a soccer legacy, as my coach believes, runs through the family. 
      My father played soccer at a child, only to later become a professional and one of the world's greatest. Yes, I am the proud daughter of Daniel Oceanito. I learned to dribble a soccer ball before I knew how to count to five. I was raised in the soccer nation, LA Galaxy became my entire life. My family sat down in the living room every night watching everything and anything related to the soccer world. Eat, sleep, breathe, soccer. 
      "Go Bryce, Go!" I heard my father's booming voice scream from the crowd. A smile stretched across my face as I saw the pride in his eyes, my father loved Bryce more than anything. I glanced at my watch, 5:30, a half hour until my grueling soccer practice began. I waved goodbye to my father and ran to the girl's locker room, pulling the extra my coach gave me after discovering I arrive extra early everyday.
      Twisting the key, I began to hear noises coming from inside.
       "Why the hell did you drag me to the girl's locker room?" A male voice asked harshly. I tried to hold back my laughter, probably just another horny freshman wanting to get lucky. 
       "Dude, shut up! That sexy ass blonde girl is gonna be here any minute!" Another voice rang, obviously an immature teen. I smirked, ready to have a little fun with these kids.
       "Yeah," I shouted, pretending to just be getting to the door. "That's weird, the door's already opened. I'll see you tomorrow, Kass!" Shoving the door open, I threw my bag into a locker and went to the showers, faking to break my daily routine. 
       I stripped down to my bra and shorts, not wanting to show them everything, I ran back to the lockers and began rummaging through my bag. "Shit! I left it at home!" I cursed, "Oh well, no one's here to see anything." I held back a giggle as I began to 'strip'.
       "Alright perverts, come out of hiding." I shouted, smiling my most victorious smile. I heard the defeated huff before a blue-eyed boy stepped into my view. I furrowed my brows, this kid looked eerily familiar.
       "What the hell were you thinking?!" I yelled, jokingly. "Someone might catch you in here." Adding a sly wink at the end.
       "Yeah dude, what the hell?" Another face emerged from the shadows. This one had a more mature face, his dark brown orbs sent chills down my spine. He must have been a year older, at least. Suddenly, I didn't mind the little pervert sneaking into the girl's locker room, as long as I get to know him.
       "What are you guys doing here anyway?" I asked, curiously. 
       "I don't know-"
       "This little pervert says a 'sexy ass blonde' is supposed to be here." The brown eyed boy stated, interrupting the blonde one. "But I guess that's a lie, because all I see is you."
       Okay, that hurt. It hurt a lot.
       "Just get out," I shot back. "Before I tell Miss. Jones." I threatened, a smirk planted on my face, hiding my pain.
       "Oh really?" He asked, risking to move closer. "Little Miss. Danger here is gonna tattle on me?" His smirk overwhelmed me, it sent butterflies to my stomach. My knees wobbled, this boy is driving me insane.
       "Just get the hell out," He raised his eyebrows. "Please?" I asked as politely as possible, but it ended up sounding like another threat. I rolled my eyes, trying to shove him away, but he only moved closer.
       "What's your name, sweetheart?" He asked, bringing his lips close to my ear. His minty breath sending chills down my neck.
       I brought my lips close to his ear. Two can play at this game. "How about we save conversation for later? I've got some other ideas." I looked into his dark cocoa orbs and added a wink. I can be good at this, too.
       "Whatever you want, babe." He whispered, before I shoved him and looked at his little friend.
       "I think it's about time you get going, the other girls are going to be here soon." I whispered and watched the two of the leave, but not without winking at the blonde freshman. He should at least get something out of this, right?

        I glanced back at the fence, the blonde freshman watched my teammates intently. The dark haired, gorgeous jerk stood back a few feet, he's cocoa orbs kept a steady watch on me. Why couldn't he just leave? Everytime I looked at him, he would just stare. It bugs me to no end. First a guy says you're worse than he expected, then he goes and stares at you, nonstop. I hate it.
       "Nice practice, ladies. Warriors game Saturday. Please try to make it unless it's an emergency. This game decides some of your futures." Coach Hiles stated, her eyes planted firmly on me. I've been waiting for this game for my entire life. Sacramento State's Hornet coach Randy Dedini is supposed to attend. He's going to be looking for new recruits for the team. Even though I am only a Junior, I could at least use a few eyes on me before Senior year.
       "Oceanito, come here." Coach said, pulling me over after practice. "What's up with you? You seemed out of it at practice." Her eyes were filled with concern. She wants this scholarship as much as me, if not more. I sighed and looked out of the corner of my eye. The freshman was gone, but the brown eyed boy stood still, his eyes still glued to me.
       "Nothing coach, I'm just a little tired is all." I lied, smoothly. I wasn't going to let her to have a reason not to put me on that field Saturday. 
       "Alright, Rose. Just go home and get some sleep. This game is really important." She ordered, her eyes of steel burning into mine.
       "Will do Coach, will do." I wasn't about to let that asshole ruin my chances to the rest of my life.

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