The Day The Earth Stood Still

Not knowing that she won a month with One Direction, Kayla Johnson is a directionater that only cares about her self and her 2 boyfriends. Will she find out that she made the wrong decision or will she still stay her selfish cheating self?


2. Broken heart and Broken nose

"Is this us? Do you hate One Direction?" I looked at him and said "That's for me to know and you not to care. Now move. Now!" I knocked the sandwich out of his hands. I didn't mind. But what I did mind was that he was following me. Finally I made it on the without him on it. It was really crowed but I found two empty seats. I was looking out the window. I wasn't looking at the clouds, I was looking at my reflection. "Can I sit here?"I heard a deep Irish accent. I was Niall. I don't know why he asked because before I could respond he had already sat down. I didn't turn around at all until he said " Hey! Aren't you the rude directionater that knocked my sandwich out of my hand?!" I ignored him. For about 1 minute he tapped on my shoulder. I turned around so fast the my hand flew back and broke his nose. I tried to hold in my laugh but I couldn't. I laughed for about 4 minutes. By the time I stopped Niall moved to the other side. I kinda felt bad because his nose was bleeding. My heart was broken.

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