A Dream Come True


As the song starts to play and the crowd goes wild i feel the tension from my band mates. I cant really see the crowd because the lights are bright. We sang our heart out on our concert , now were signing some stuff backstage to our fans. One little girl came up to me she opened her mouth and - she started beeping !!!

I woke up with a frown, just when i was enjoying myself my alarm had to ruin it.
I'm Kathryn, Kathryn Johnson. I live with my best friend Rachelle Jones. We have a flat in Calgary ( Canada ) Alberta. My other best friend is James Dillory, he lives down the street. I have rich black hair and chocolate brown eyes my skin seems fair and i have my bed-head style right now :)

I got out of my bed and across the room slept my best friend. Half awake i dragged myself across the room and shook her shoulders violently screaming
"WAKE UP RACHELLE". she finally opened her eyes and glared at me with anger.


17. Swiss Army Knife

It is almost a week and the auditions in the X-factor should be done. I went to the Gym with Mike and James who begged me to come with them because they both do get lost often. Rachelle and Jerry went shopping to improve Jerry's style. The Gym place had a locker room for girls and boys and a pool. I packed a gym bag with a towel, swim suite and a water bottle and some extra clothes. I met the boys downstairs at the lobby and we jogged as a warm-up to the gym place which was a mile away.

We walked in and I started stretching once inside. I love running and hockey (not me in real life), first up was the locker rooms. I was already in shorts and a tight tee. I put my bag in a locker then took out my water bottle. I met the guys in front of some treadmills. James started lifting weights while James started doing some sit-ups. I started at the yoga balls and did my routine when I was in gymnastics. Soon we did all the stations except the pool I went in but James didn't want to because he forgot his swim suite. I did a few laps then got out. Mike was outside waiting for James and me.

When we got back to the hotel Mike excused himself.

"Why you leaving man?" James asked in a street voice.

" You know the guy I talked to on the Square? He asked me to come-over to his room in the hotel which is the one next to ours." Mike explained while heading out the door.

I glanced over at James who just shrugged. We just sat there flirting with each other ;)

" So you're a flirt? eh?" James asked me while putting an arm over my shoulders. I cuddled with him and nodded " Fine try and turn me on!! " I laughed.

"Haven't I already turned you on?" He smiled and nagged me to do it. I started with my first pick-up line. "Haven't I seen you before? ..... Oh yeah in my dreams :)" He laughed and replied with another pick-up line.

"Can I have a picture of you to prove angels exist?"

" Nice for an am-mature now watch and learn!!" I mocked " It's always good for you to see me again" He laughed and got ready to tell another one.

"All of this could be yours" He said gesturing to himself " For a very low low price!!"

"How much is this price?" I asked poking his cheek.

" A kiss on the cheek and you watching a movie with me" He replied I nodded, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and he smiled showing his pearly whites.

" What movie you wanna watch?" He asked me opening the DVD player.

"Any Disney movies? I love animated Kidd movies for a weird reason!" I replied popping some popcorn in the microwave while he put on a CD.

We started watching Lion King, I started crying at the part when the father died. I looked at James, he was bawling.

"You Kay' bebz?" I asked handing him a tissue

" Yah it's just so sad!! and bebz?" He replied wiping his eyes.

" Different then babe or baby...... yah its unique and I'm gonna make it popular" I said patting his head while he put on Lion King 2. We watched Lion King 3 as well then Jerry and Rachelle burst through the door laughing in the middle of the movie. I paused the movie and asked them where they have been.

"Sorry we came home so late we went to a park and got lost" Jerry said putting down a few shopping bags.

"I was just asking what mall you guys went its just 7 pm" I answered glancing at Rachelle who was digging in a bag. "shell what you looking for?"

"1 you stopped calling me shell since 7th grade and 2 I go you someti- ohh here it is." She took out a Swiss army knife!! I screamed and hugged her. She handed it to me and I opened to reveal 4 knives, a screw driver, nail file, something that looks like a spring, a scissor, can opener and a wire cutter/blot straighter. I looked over to see a wolf paw on a blue background as the style. I screamed again.and jumped around. 

"Calm down Kate!!" James said hugging me to stop myself from jumping. " You sound like a squirrel in a blender!!"

"I know right!!" Big bro and Shelly said in unison. I kept on thanking them and played with my Swiss army knife.I remembered I wanted to give James his present today so I dragged him to my bed and took out a box and dragged him again to the balcony.

"Wait let me get something!" He shouted as he ran to his room. I waited for awhile still playing with my Swiss army knife.He came back with something behind his back. We showed each other beautifully decorated boxes. He opened his first and his jaw fell. It was the NEW Black Cops video game and a Pokemon game for hid DSI. I laughed and opened my present. There was a notepad and water colour paint. I hugged him and kissed his cheek. 

"Open the little box!" He said letting go of me. I didn't notice a little box, I opened it to reveal 2 charm necklace. 

"Aww James this is wonderful !" I thanked him. He smiled and got one of the bracelets. Mine had a K and a wolf paw and a heart. His had a J, a heart and a video game controller. I kissed his cheek again. Thanked him and he thanked me as well. The night ended by Mike entering my room in a fit of laughter and shouting.

"Bye Harold!! see you soon I hope!!" He said. I waved at him. He smiled back and said good night to everyone while running back to his room. James slept over on my room and Rachelle slept over at Big Bro's room. Tomorrow we start boot camp.

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