A Dream Come True


As the song starts to play and the crowd goes wild i feel the tension from my band mates. I cant really see the crowd because the lights are bright. We sang our heart out on our concert , now were signing some stuff backstage to our fans. One little girl came up to me she opened her mouth and - she started beeping !!!

I woke up with a frown, just when i was enjoying myself my alarm had to ruin it.
I'm Kathryn, Kathryn Johnson. I live with my best friend Rachelle Jones. We have a flat in Calgary ( Canada ) Alberta. My other best friend is James Dillory, he lives down the street. I have rich black hair and chocolate brown eyes my skin seems fair and i have my bed-head style right now :)

I got out of my bed and across the room slept my best friend. Half awake i dragged myself across the room and shook her shoulders violently screaming
"WAKE UP RACHELLE". she finally opened her eyes and glared at me with anger.


13. Suprise for the Band

The week went by so fast with the practice we did for the X-factor. The guys are sleeping over tonight because tomorrow we are going to england. All day I was so usy packing stuff for collage. Some of the objects I played around with before I put it in a box. Rachelle would laugh at me like I wasn't going anywhere far from her. Oh how I wish she wouldn't miss me too much, but I guess if she didn't miss me she really wasn't my bestfriend.

I was playing around with my hockey stick like I was in the NHL but then I heard Rachelle scream downstairs. I ran downstairs slipping on my favorite soccer ball.

" Wow such a hero" she laughed at me.

" sorry but I thought my BESTfriend was hurt" I said emphisizing on Best.

"look at this" she said pointing to the computer screen. I looked at her cautiosly and peeked at the screen. My jaw seemed to hit the floor, It was a video of me and the boys singing on the talent show. I screamed.

"wow Jerry was right you do sound like a squerrel in a blender when you scream." she teased.

"how many views?" I said my voie almost breaking.

" 50 000 so far" she replied almost like it was no big deal. I was about to scream when my phone rang.

" hello this is Kate" I almost shouted over the phone.

" Duh, I know" It was Mike.

" so what's up?" I asked reading the comments on the video.

" Have you seen the video of you guys singing?" he asked not really answering my question.

"Yah we are so awsome here" I answered " Do you know who put this video up?"

" uhhh.... Me?" he mumbled out." I made a youtube account for JumpStart and we already have 250 subscribers."

"Awesome!!" I said putting him on speaker " You should introduce yourself as the new member."

"I know, can you guys help me?" I smiled at how shy he is.

" Ofcource lil penguin" I answered acting like myself, Immature. He laughed and hunged up. I texted the rest and they answered positively.

Later that night when all of them were here we decided to do the video diary.
( New Movella for all the Videos or TwitCams from this book called ' JS videos ')

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