A Dream Come True


As the song starts to play and the crowd goes wild i feel the tension from my band mates. I cant really see the crowd because the lights are bright. We sang our heart out on our concert , now were signing some stuff backstage to our fans. One little girl came up to me she opened her mouth and - she started beeping !!!

I woke up with a frown, just when i was enjoying myself my alarm had to ruin it.
I'm Kathryn, Kathryn Johnson. I live with my best friend Rachelle Jones. We have a flat in Calgary ( Canada ) Alberta. My other best friend is James Dillory, he lives down the street. I have rich black hair and chocolate brown eyes my skin seems fair and i have my bed-head style right now :)

I got out of my bed and across the room slept my best friend. Half awake i dragged myself across the room and shook her shoulders violently screaming
"WAKE UP RACHELLE". she finally opened her eyes and glared at me with anger.


3. Somethings Missing

     We woke up early the next morning, i dressed in a black t-shirt, jeans and a aeropastale hoodie. Rachelle had a purple t-shirt, capris and a vibrant pink sweater. We ate cereal and listened to the radio. When we were done I did the dishes while Rachelle piled our luggage in the livingroom. James came in with his white shoulder bag and his luggage, he wore a black shirt , white hoodie and jeans. Later we went down to the parking lot and into Jame's blue car. Ofcourse he was driving I was in the passengers seat and Rachelle in the back, our stuff are in the trunk. The ride was quiet untill I turned on the radio and we all sang I'm sexy and I know it and Rachelle and I started dancing." Wait, James what are we going to sing ?" I just blurted out.        " hmm... okay what do you pick?" he answered still has his eyes on the road. " ummmm.... maybe..... Titanium by david guetta or.... Don't wake me up by Chris brown?" I said not knowing what he'll pick " Don't wake me up is better atleast I would hit the notes." he decided teasingly.

    We got to Edmonton later and went in Best Weast hotel. The contest was being held there. We checked in our room which was 50% off because today was savings day. " you better signup soon and practice" the old lady behind the service counter said. We nodded and headed to our room." You two girls share a bed and I'll take the sofa!!" James said crashing on the sofa. Aaww how sweet. We put our stuff away and went to the practice room. It was a big stage and there was two mics there. Rachelle brought her Iphone and started the music. Oh I forgot I brought my guitar too. I strung my guitar for the Intro. James sang the first verse

Too much light in this window, don't wake me up
 Only coffee no sugar, inside my cup
 If I wake and you're here still, give me a kiss
 I wasn't finished dreaming, about your lips

I joined him in the chorus

Don't wake me up, up, up, up up, up x3
 Don't wake me up
 Don't wake me..

I sung the next part by myself because I have a high voice. 
Don't wake me up 
 Don't wake me up
 Don't wake me up
 Don't wake me..

     We finished later but something wasn't right. "I think somethings missing" we both said when the song finished. I blushed. " I know, you guys need another voice." Rachelle shouted with the empty audience. I agree but who's gonna join us.

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