A Dream Come True


As the song starts to play and the crowd goes wild i feel the tension from my band mates. I cant really see the crowd because the lights are bright. We sang our heart out on our concert , now were signing some stuff backstage to our fans. One little girl came up to me she opened her mouth and - she started beeping !!!

I woke up with a frown, just when i was enjoying myself my alarm had to ruin it.
I'm Kathryn, Kathryn Johnson. I live with my best friend Rachelle Jones. We have a flat in Calgary ( Canada ) Alberta. My other best friend is James Dillory, he lives down the street. I have rich black hair and chocolate brown eyes my skin seems fair and i have my bed-head style right now :)

I got out of my bed and across the room slept my best friend. Half awake i dragged myself across the room and shook her shoulders violently screaming
"WAKE UP RACHELLE". she finally opened her eyes and glared at me with anger.


11. (long chapter) Love in the Air.

     It was snowing all night and it finnaly stopped in the next morning. I woke up late and came downstairs with no pants on. ( I sleep with no pants on ) When I entered the kitchen the guys were talking.
" Kate!!" Rachelle said not noticing I had no pants on. Jerry looked at me down to my legs came back up then shouted 
" Go back up stairs and put on some pants !!!!" I giggled and sat down   
" I'm okay with it" James said with a creepy smile.
 " Uhh..... immma go change because thats just creepy." I said pointing at creepy James. Rahelle laughed and I ran upstairs and put on baggy sweat pants. We had breakfast and Jerry asked me to come outside.
" Kate." he started while looking down. " My girlfriend... s-she b-broke up with me..." he trailed off into whimpers while our breath was showing from the coldness. I hugged him and he cried on to my shoulder. I patted his back,
" It's okay bigbro she doesn't know what she lost." I said " You are a very nice and gentle person. She doesn't diserve you because she can't see that." He looked up at me right after I finished smiled then gave me a big bear-hug and we went back in the kitchen.
" What happened out there and dude why are your eyes bloodshot red?" James said when we came in. Rachelle got up and comforted him and I looked over at them. Should I tell the guys? And as if Bigbro could read my thought
" Go 'head and tell them" he manages to say. I started telling what happened and Rachelle hugged Jerry.

     * RING RING* there was a phone ringing on the table. James took it and read the ID caller.
" Geraldine? Who is she?" It's that heart-breaker of Bigbro's and as I thought about it Jerry ran over but it was to late and I had the phone. I put it on speaker.
G: Hello?
me: ......
G: uhhh halllooo?
me: why'd you brake my bigbro's heart huh?
G: wha- oh I didn't know that lozer had a sassy sister
me: Answer me !!
I was starting to get angry and my face started to turn scarlet.
G: well ..... he was to protective and he doesn't buy me the stuff I want like a good boyfriend should!
me: Wow you are such a brat... He just cares about you and is that what a good boyfriend is ?
G: I don't care I just want my watch I gave him for his birthday last year, I'm giving it to my new boyfriend.
~ wow I just wanna punch this sl*t~ I kept thinking then my anger came over me and I started shouting over the phone.
G:...... whatev-
and before she finished I ended the call and sat down. As I felt myself calm down and the red fading away from my face I looked up to a wide-eyed audience. Really it felt like I did something illegal by the way theyr'e looking at me.
"what I just spoke my mind" I mumbled before giving back the phone.
" I didn't know Kate has so much sass in her" Mickey ( or Mike) said sitting beside me.
"thank you lil sis" Jerry said while getting up and hugging me. " did you really mean that and ..... are we really giving back the watch?" I smiled and nodded.
" I'll buy you a new one and I'll do it and lets see how she thinks of you now" I replied in a simple tone.
" I never seen that side of Kate after she got mad at the theatre owner after she watched the movie about animal abuse or that time when someone was swearing in church" James said knowing I get mad easily but not like this . " yah when her face gets all red it reminds me of tinkerbell" ( hehe have you seen the movie?) Rachelle said after " or a tomato" James said making me smile.

     We all cleaned up after breakfast, We all sat down at the couch I fell on one side and James on the other. " you guys have big bums!" I said when I sat upright. James held up something yellow... I looked at him and shook my head no. And since it was James he slid me one without the guys knowing beacause they were watching television. I smiled and nodded caving in and I shot Bigbro he looked at me with the NERF watergun in my hand. James and I shot the rest.
"Wait!" Rachelle said " Outside!!" Jerry yelled. We ran out the door exept me who remember we have two wheel barows full of water balloon, I sneaked to the garage and put on my black sash (SP) with pockets and filled the pockets with waterballoons and opened the garage door. I threw a water-gun at all of us and shouted " WATER FIGHT !!!!"  We attacked each other and we fought like epic warriors. Then the mailman came and he asked " shouldn't you guys change you have pj's on and are soaki-" but before he finished we attacked him with balloons full of water. I looked over at the guys who were laughing and noticed Jerry and Rachelle whispering to each other. Wonder what they were talking about?


      Jerry just asked me on a date after I fell ontop of him, his dark green eyes got lost in mine and he whispered " You look pretty" I got off him and replied
" your'e not that bad either" while blushing,
Back to Normal POV

     as the boys went home Rachelle won't tell me what happened between Jerry she's going to tell me first in the morning. As Rachelle and I did the rest of the day being bored!! "Rachelle I'm so bored!!" I said with bored expresions   "Then do something'' Rachelle said getting annoyed well I did I went down the basement and took out my sketch book.And after that Rachelle and I started to eat dinner "Uhhh I feel so bored when the boys are not here''I said missing them  ''Me too!'' Rachelle shouted as she washed the dishes, and through this whole day we were stuck at being bored! it was the most boring dayof my life!! tommorow im going too be extra michivious and Rachelle put on her pjs and I put on only my top and we both fell asleep.

     The next morning I rolled around my bed then fell out on purpose. It was bright and shinny outside even though evrything was covered in snow. There were some birds singing and it felt like love in the air. Wierd huh? I dressed in a bright orange tee and bright yellow shorts. I woke up Rachelle and she dressed in a pink tee shirt and boot-cut jeans. We went to Ihop for breakfast.

~ writing style is changed.~

Waitress: Hello, what would you like today?
I smiled and ordered a pancake stack and some orange juuice. Rachelle ordered french toast and a hot cocoa. We ate happily until my phone rang.
Me: yellow? who ish it?
?: no blue, It's me and big bro.
Me: oh heeey! were at Ihop.
James: Coool, can we come over?
??: Mickey texted me to say all of us should come to his place.
Me: Yah sure! ohh and thanks bigbro !!
Jerry: Your welcome!!
James: be there in 10 ! Bye !!
Me: Kaaaay! A revouir !
They came over and finished breakfast. We went to my house but Rachelle asked me too stay to help her with something.
Me: So whazup?
Rachelle: Jerry asked me on a date I panicked so I said yes but then I realized I really did not want to ruin our frendship!!!
Rachelle said in one breath.
Me: Here just have fun on this date and if you feel no spark with him tell him how you feel.
She nodded
Me: but don't think it will end well.
With that we went inside and we all played Wii.

TV: What makes you beautiful ooh ooh !! Thats what makes you beatiful !!
We had Just Dance4 I won this One Direction song. Next me and James danced Beauty and the Beat vs Call me maybe. It felt magical especcially when the part him and I had to hold each other. I heard 'aawwww' in the background causing me to blush to a bubblegum colour.
Jerry: Uh Not to interupt the festival but Rachelle I think we need to go, Its already 4:30 pm
Wow time went by fast.
Rachelle waved at me I smiled and waved back. They got their coats and went in Jerry's car. James invited me to play Halo at their house. Mickey was coming with us.
James: Wait your going outside in the snow with shorts on ?!
Me: Yah so? Aslong as you don't tell big bro.
I said grabbing a big Gap hoodie. We only walked for about 5 minutes and reached the flat. When we came in I saw a poster of One direction. Wait in James' house? |
Me: Uhh James tha-
James: Thats Jerry's not mine,that would be creepy
I giggled and we played for 3 hours straight only stopping when we needed to use the bathroom.
Me: I throw my X-box in the air sometimes sayin ayo I suck at Halo !!
I sung in the tune of Dynamite. Jerry entered the door and went up the stairs without as much as a hello to us.
Me: Something is wrong, I'll go check on Rachelle.
I said my farewells and I ran home to see Rachelle crying on the doorstep.
Me: What happened Bigbro just cameup and stormed to his room
Rachelle looked up at me with tears in her eyes. She told me that after their movie date Jerry told her he wanted them to be together. Rachelle rejected him and now it seems like he hates her now. Rachelle tried to convince him to be really close friends with benifits but still no use . Guess  now heart-broken is in the air. I comforted her and she just went straight to bed .... I thought about it for a momment and came up with a devious plan. I called James and Mickey who told me what happened and we all agreed with the plan. I hope this works ......

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