A Dream Come True


As the song starts to play and the crowd goes wild i feel the tension from my band mates. I cant really see the crowd because the lights are bright. We sang our heart out on our concert , now were signing some stuff backstage to our fans. One little girl came up to me she opened her mouth and - she started beeping !!!

I woke up with a frown, just when i was enjoying myself my alarm had to ruin it.
I'm Kathryn, Kathryn Johnson. I live with my best friend Rachelle Jones. We have a flat in Calgary ( Canada ) Alberta. My other best friend is James Dillory, he lives down the street. I have rich black hair and chocolate brown eyes my skin seems fair and i have my bed-head style right now :)

I got out of my bed and across the room slept my best friend. Half awake i dragged myself across the room and shook her shoulders violently screaming
"WAKE UP RACHELLE". she finally opened her eyes and glared at me with anger.


15. (long chapter) Auditions

The next day I was awoken by the howling wind outside. Rachelle was still asleep, I couldn't go back to sleep so I took a blanket and wrapped it around me while I slowly went to the balcony. The Site was amazing.... I kept on glancing at the Big Ben, With the hazey atmosphere and the sun rising behind it the scene was just breath taking.

"G'morning! " I looked behind me to reveal James standing there. I smiled at him and replied to it with a hug. We parted and just held hands while taking in the momment. He started shivering so I took the blanket and wrapped it around both of us. James and I just talked for awhile about the wierdest things but thats what was great about him, how wierd and childish this boy is you still got to love him.

"Maybe we should wake the rest up, it's 7 am already and Auditions are at 9 " I asked, he nodded and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before he went back in his room. I did as He and woke up Rachelle. The boys came by for breakfast; A box of cereal and milk, and some bagels.

After breakfast Rachelle went to the bathroom and after about ten minutes she came out dressed and fresh (p) she wore a nice black skirt up to the thigh and a white top that was secured to the skirt with a belt. I smiled at how she adored fashion, she smiled back and twirled. To wrap it all up she added a barrette and a nice dark bag followed with flats. I took my turn and frantically looked for a perfect outfit, to tell the truth I am not the best with outfits. I took out skinny jeans and a dark grey long sleeve with a scarf the same colour, I took a beanie hat from Rachelle's lugagge and my favorite hightops. My already black naills blended with my outfit. I came out and the boys weren't there anymore. Where were they? And as if on cue Jerry walked in from the slightly opened door. He was wearing a black and white top and jeans with nike shoes.

" Is that what your wearing?!" Rachelle accused him. He looked down to what he was wearing.

" what's wrong with it?" He asked not knowing how much Rachelle is such a fashion freak.

" that is to simple and plain!!.... Ugh how can boys wear theese" She exclaimed grabbing the collar of his shirt. She let go of it and sighed heavily while she tried to calm down. Jerry looked at me with a ' what is wrong with her?' look on his face. I giggled and replied.

" She is a fashion freak and she will be all over you if you don't improve with what she thinks is plain" I replied simply. He nodded with agreement and the rest came through the door. They all were dressed nicely according to Rachelle.

We took a cab to the audition place, There was a long line-up for to sign-up. After we signed-up we waited in a big room full of people and chairs. There was a small screen and it was afully loud in there. We were called and we did a short video for the X-factor thing.

" Hello I am Jerimiah"

" Hi I am Mickey"

" G'day I am James"

" Ello, My name is Kathryn :)"

"And we are Jumpstart"

Then we were realeased to back stage. We all were nervous so I decided to do my vocal exercises, The rest joined in laughing on how silly we were. We were called and pushed to the stage.

" Hello" The judges said

" Ello" We all replied. We lined up in-front of them. (right to left) Me, James Mike, Jerry.

" So JumpStart?" Simon asked " You guys are Canadian?"

" Yes all of us are but Kate here is moving here to London so this is the last thing we all will do before she leaves for College" Jerry explained for all of us. Simon nodded and we started.

Jerry started us
"Beauty queen of only eighteen
 She had some trouble with herself
 He was always there to help her
 She always belonged to someone else

Jerry and Mike sang next
"I drove for miles and miles
 And wound up at your door
 I've had you so many times but somehow
 I want more" 

Then we all came in together perfectly.
"I don't mind spending everyday
 Out on your corner in the pouring rain
 Look for the girl with the broken smile
 Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
 And she will be loved
 She will be loved"

"Tap on my window knock on my door
 I want to make you feel beautiful
 I know I tend to get so insecure
 It doesn't matter anymore"
Mike sang as best as he could which was higher than my expectations.

"It's not always rainbows and butterflies
 It's compromise that moves us along, yeah
 My heart is full and my door's always open
 You can come anytime you want"
James sang angelicly

"I don't mind spending everyday
 Out on your corner in the pouring rain
 Look for the girl with the broken smile
 Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
 And she will be loved
 And she will be loved
 And she will be loved
 And she will be loved"
We all did so well on the chorus

"I know where you hide
 Alone in your car
 Know all of the things that make you who you are
 I know that goodbye means nothing at all
 Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls"
I did it very well if you ask me :)

"Tap on my window knock on my door
 I want to make you feel beautiful"
James and I sang together in sync.

We ended it with the last verse.
"I don't mind spending everyday
 Out on your corner in the pouring rain
 Look for the girl with the broken smile
 Ask her if she wants to stay awhile
 And she will be loved
 And she will be loved
 And she will be loved
 And she will be loved"

The whole place was in applause. Louis and Nicole gave us standing ovations. They all said yes and we passed the auditions. I jumped into James' arms and we hugged while the rest jumped around then we all group hugged. We said thank you and farewell to the judges while exiting.

~Later that night

We watched our auditions which was the last showed on the TV. Then it showed the judges backstage commenting about the performances. When they talked about ours I was just so happy I started jumping around.

" These kids were just breathtaking I had to give them a standing-ovation" Nicole commented

" This group of children are different then all of the rest I want them on MY team" Simon said in his deep voice.

The other comments just blanked out from me. I was so happy. I finally calmed down and went to my room. ( we were at the boys' room) I tweeted this ' Going to do a twit-cam in a few :) did you guys see our performance at X-factor? Were we good?" I smiled and set my computer on my bed. I combed my shaggy hair and turned on the camera. I started the twitcam with already 1000 viewers.

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