A Dream Come True


As the song starts to play and the crowd goes wild i feel the tension from my band mates. I cant really see the crowd because the lights are bright. We sang our heart out on our concert , now were signing some stuff backstage to our fans. One little girl came up to me she opened her mouth and - she started beeping !!!

I woke up with a frown, just when i was enjoying myself my alarm had to ruin it.
I'm Kathryn, Kathryn Johnson. I live with my best friend Rachelle Jones. We have a flat in Calgary ( Canada ) Alberta. My other best friend is James Dillory, he lives down the street. I have rich black hair and chocolate brown eyes my skin seems fair and i have my bed-head style right now :)

I got out of my bed and across the room slept my best friend. Half awake i dragged myself across the room and shook her shoulders violently screaming
"WAKE UP RACHELLE". she finally opened her eyes and glared at me with anger.


5. He Just Drowned !!!

    "Hey I think they're awake" Someone shouted " Yah cause your screaming !!!" I said opening my eyes. "Told you James. Let Kate sleep." Rachelle scolding James. "Well sorry I was worried that this guy kidnapped Kate" James whined pointing to Jerimiah.He woke up and looked around. " Are these your friends ,Kate?" he asked I nodded then got up " This is Rachelle she has a taste for style and is very shy she is 15 ." rachelle just waved hi. " This is mr.badboy and rule breaker James" james flexed " but he has such a soft side with liltle kids" then james blushed. " This is Kathryn she had uh i think 6 years of karate and gymnastics" Rachelle started. " and she can drive a monster truck Oh and she hiked up a mountain for charity once" James ended. "oh Im Jerimiah I am 18 and I have stage fright and my girlfriend and i are almost on our one year anniversary."

     We had breakfast and we practiced and fooled around more. "James I can't see!!" Now I regret letting james tie a blindfold on me " No worries I got you." he assured me. " Hey I thought we were reahersing" I could tell it was Jerimiah. "OOOwww James !!" I just hit the wall " sorry Kate " he laughed out. I tore the blindfold off and chased him around. Jerimiah stopped us both and we whined " but daddy we wanna play!" I joked. " No honey go to your room your grounded!" He smiled back. I started fake crying " Let the kid go honey!" Rachelle backing me up :). We agreed that tomorrow we are going to sign-up for the talent show.

     " Wait," We all stopped at James' words. "What is our group called?" . wow I havn't thought about it.   " Uhh how about Jump-Start?" Rachelle suggested. We all agreed " Hey guys wanna go to that waterpark and get some fun? " I asked. we all agreed and got ready.

     Downstairs at the loby I saw Jerimiah wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, beside him James had his jersey jacket over a black t-shirt and some jeans, and I was wearing a silver tanktop with a blazer over it and gray skinnies, Rachelle wore a blue shirt under a purple cardigan and pale blue capris, all of us had a bag. We walked to the park and said some jokes along the way. "what does a witch order in a hotel?" Jerimiah started " a Broom service!" I laughed like crazy not because it was funny but because it was so corny. " wow dude that sucked" James critized Rachelle snickered. "Kate thinks its funny" He remarked "I was only laughing cause it was corny" I laughed out.

     We entered the mall and full sprint we came to the entrance to the waterpark. "yay- I- won- you- guys-are-so-slow." James said in breaths. Rachelle and I changed to our swim suite. "cute!"she complimented me. I have a yellow one-piece with white stripes. "you too!" She had a pink one piece with flowers on it. We came out and the boys have trunks on. "eyes off !" the boys laughed.

     We all went to the longest water-slide."AAAAHHHHH!!!!!" It was fast then I caught up to Rachelle then James and Jerimiah were behind me, for somewhat reason we were all piled onto each other "James!! get off of me !!" we hit the water and swam out. I laughed through it all. We were fooling around and everytime we went on a water slide Rachelle would get stuck !!!. My thoughts were left behind when I heard a call "HELP- I -Cant swim!!" It was James!!!  Jerimiah dived in and carried James' lifeless body out"What do we do !!! He just drowned!!" Rachelle was freaking out and Jerimieh soaking wet tried to calm her down. Then Rachelle just fainted. I pulled back my hair and gave James CPR . When I finished James coughed out water and the rest looked at me like I was crazy. Rachelle awoke and did the same.

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