The Day That She Met Him.

In this story you're going to being meeting Faviola Rodirguez a young 18 year old girl from a small town in Baldwin,Ga. She has always had a dream of finishing her senior year in London. Not only did she want to go on an student exchange program for a year to finish school,but also to work part time with SugarScape Magazine. She had been working so hard for 2 years and her dreams were about to true,what she didn't know was that her life was about to change as soon as she got to London. She had no idea who she was going to turn out meeting and who she was going to fall in love with. She's going to be having a long journey with the love of her life,but is she willing to live a life full of cameras and reports everywhere she goes. Read this novel that is full of passionate moments, love, sadness, disappointments and struggles.


1. The Day She Left.


Faviola,18. was getting ready to leave on an student exchange program to London. She was so excited that she was finally going to be leaving one of her dreams when there was to work with SugarScape magazine. Her plane was set to leave at 11:30 am. She left to the airport,hugged her family and said goodbye. Her plane arrived in London the next morning and she couldn't believe that she was finally there what she didn't know was that her life was about to change forever. Faviola went to get her bags so that from there she could go find the family that she was going to be staying with while on the student exchange program for a year. She bumped into someone and some of her things that she had fell on the floor. She bend down to get her things,someone helped her get them. When she looked up to say thanks she was staring into the eyes of none other than Niall Horan. He looked back at her like he's never looked into a girls eyes before. Their lives were about to change b/c of that one moment. The moment that they looked into each others eyes it was like everything around them stopped,they were speakless. Faviola said "I'm so sorry,I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, it's just that I'm trying to get around this place because this is my first time in London and I have no idea where it is that I have to go and get my things. Niall snapped out of it and said "Oh don't worry about it it's ok." Faviola: "Oh sorry where are my manners, hey my name is Faviola Rodriguez." Niall: "What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl." Faviola: "Thanks." Niall: "You welcome,my name is Niall Horan." Faviola: "Haha thanks I think I already know that. No need for reminders." Niall: "Well that was nice." Faviola: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get sassy with you,it's just that that's how I am." Niall: "It's ok."  Faviola: "Um well it was nice talking to you Niall,but I have to get going, because I have to find my exchange family."  Niall: "Exchange family?" Faviola: "I'm an exchange student from America." Niall: "Oh dang that's cool. Well I'll help you get where you need to go. Faviola: "Oh no it ok Niall you don't have to do that." Niall: "Oh but I want too." *Niall helped her out and got her to where she needed to go. Before they said bye they took pictures, hugs and an autograph from Niall. *He did something that he had never done before,he gave Faviola his number on a piece of paper and it said "Hey, I really enjoyed talking with you and well we should meet up sometime so here's my number." Faviola smiled at Niall as he walked away.* Weeks went by since she got there and she was in her room with Sophia in other words the daughter of the exchange family that she was staying with and now like her sister. One day Favi *as her friends and family call her, it's short for Faviola* was hangin out with Sophia,when Sophia asked her if she had called or txted Niall. When Favi told her no she was like "Girl are you out of your damn mind?"   
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