The Day That She Met Him.

In this story you're going to being meeting Faviola Rodirguez a young 18 year old girl from a small town in Baldwin,Ga. She has always had a dream of finishing her senior year in London. Not only did she want to go on an student exchange program for a year to finish school,but also to work part time with SugarScape Magazine. She had been working so hard for 2 years and her dreams were about to true,what she didn't know was that her life was about to change as soon as she got to London. She had no idea who she was going to turn out meeting and who she was going to fall in love with. She's going to be having a long journey with the love of her life,but is she willing to live a life full of cameras and reports everywhere she goes. Read this novel that is full of passionate moments, love, sadness, disappointments and struggles.


4. Getting Ready.

Faviola got home after work and told Sophia about having to interview One Direction and than Niall asking her out on a date *well she told her that it was just coffee and a quick conversation, but Sophia saw it as a date*. She was freaking asking Favi what she was going to wear? Faviola told her that she wasn't sure if she even wanted to out with Niall anymore, Sophia told her "Oh hell no Favi you're going, after all you said it's just coffee and a quick conversation.* Damn it Sophia I hate when you point out a good point,but yeah I mean what 30 minutes with Niall out in public going to do nothing. It's not like it's going to kill me right? Right now go and get ready,wait but first let me text Niall and see what time he's gonna pick me up. Oh don't worry I'll text Nialler, you just go and take a shower and get pretty I'll take care of that for you. Thanks and you better not say anything stupid that you know I wouldn't say. While Favi was getting ready to go out with Nialler for a quick coffee and conversation she was starting to think about if she should even go. She didn't wanna go out in public with him because she didn't wanna be seen by someone that works with SugarScape and than get fired. When she was done and about to go and get her phone to text him and tell Niall that she wasn't feeling good to leave it for another day Sophia knocked at her door telling her that Nialler was already there that he was waiting in the living room. Faviola asked Sophia that how did he even get the address and that wasn't she suppose to tell her when Niall was going to get there and plus she haven't asked for permission? Sophia told Faviola that that was part of her plan because she knew that if she told her what time Niall was going to get there she was going to leave him waiting and not show up so that's why she gave him the address so that he could go and pick her up so that she would go and that her parents said that it was ok with them as long as she didn't get home late because it was a school night. Favi told her well played Sophia,but I'ma get you for this. Niall asked her "Faviola are you ready?" and Faviola said "Yes Niall, I'm ready." *Than they leave & Faviola is thinking to herself what did I just get myself into..*  

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