The Day That She Met Him.

In this story you're going to being meeting Faviola Rodirguez a young 18 year old girl from a small town in Baldwin,Ga. She has always had a dream of finishing her senior year in London. Not only did she want to go on an student exchange program for a year to finish school,but also to work part time with SugarScape Magazine. She had been working so hard for 2 years and her dreams were about to true,what she didn't know was that her life was about to change as soon as she got to London. She had no idea who she was going to turn out meeting and who she was going to fall in love with. She's going to be having a long journey with the love of her life,but is she willing to live a life full of cameras and reports everywhere she goes. Read this novel that is full of passionate moments, love, sadness, disappointments and struggles.


3. Before The Interview.

As soon as Faviola saw Niall again she felt like getting up and running away and not looking back. On the other hand Niall was so happy to see her, he haven't seen her in weeks. Niall knew since the day that he looked into her eyes for the first time when they met at the airport that she was the one. He knew that Faviola was the one that he been waiting for all of his life. He had never felt like that before about any girl. Niall went over to where Faviola was sitting and asked her if they could talk for a few minutes before she started interviewing them. Faviola agreed to talk to him. He asked her why she haven't called him and she told him that because she had just been a little busy. That's when he told her that that was a lie because he saw at the park the day before. That's when she told him that ok she lied he told her that she didn't have to lie. She said that she felt unconformable talking to Niall there, and he asked her that if well to go meet up some where else maybe after the interview or she could text him so that he can go pick her up after work. Faviola told him that she would have to think about it,because she didn't want to that in the future affect her job and he told her that it was just going out of a coffee and nothing more. Faviola said "Niall, look I know that,but.." Niall: "But nothing please accept my invitation." Faviola: "Fine! But it's just coffee and a quick conversation and that's it, we'll leave it at that ok!" Niall: "Fine whatever you say is fine with me just text me ok,but  this time please text me." Faviola: "I'll text you don't worry,but for right now let's just keep it professional Mr.Horan." Niall: "Mr.Horan? Why don't you just call me Niall" Faviola tells him that she called him that to keep it more professional. & well Niall said that ok that was fine with him whatever made him confrontable.

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