Chloe Royal and four of her closest friends win backstage passes to a One Direction Concert. They think nothing will happen, that they will only be meeting their favorite band, but what happens when the boys take a liking the the five girls and exchange numbers? Will there be an everlasting friendship with love blossoming in the corners or will they forget each other?


3. Chapter 3


Chloe feel out of bed, a huge smile plastered on her face. Finally! Today they were leaving for London! She looked at the floor and saw her four friends still sound asleep on the blow-up matresses that had been placed down for them. She could have waited for them to wake up, but she was too excited to let them sleep. Instead, she grabbed her pillow and threw it at them screaming that it was finally friday and they should all wake up.

Sarah was the first to stir; moaning about how early it was (really it was 7:30, which was later than what they had to get up at for college). She almost gave Chloe a death glare before she saw the clock. The moment the numbers registered in her head, she too threw the pillow at the others.

"Guys! We have an hour to get ready if we want to leave at eight-thirty!" she cried, picking the pillow up again and hitting the other over the head.

Danni groaned and sat up. "Jeez, you people are violent in the morning," She sat up and roughly tucked her hair behind her ears.

Everyone else woke up too and together they all headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. Everyone sorted themselves out, helping themselves to cereal, bread and bacon. Chloe didn't mind though, beside she had done it plenty of times round theirs. They sat in the living room, some on chairs, some on the floor. they were all really excited but they were all too tired to show it.

Once they were washed and dressed however, all of them were bubbling with excitement. They couldn;'t stop talking about what they were going to do while in London and when they met five adorable band members. The second the clock struck half eight, all five girls were jumping into Danni's car and were on their way to London.

Chloe opened a window and they bagan opening the bags of sweets they had decided to bring for the journey. They all loved Haribos so that was what they had most of. Haribo's Golden Bear, Haribo's Strawberries, and a lot more.

The journey was fun, full of laughter and bad singing to their favorite songs. They played a lot of car games to pass the time. Their favorite was making a sentence from the last three letters on the numbers plates.

"NRP?" Chloe said frowning, "Umm, Never Rain Peanuts?"

"Oh here's one! SRW?" Danni yelled from the front seat.

Sarah frowned, "Hmm, Sam Runs Weirdly?"

"Ahh, trust you to think of Sa-am!" Carrie winked.

Sam was Sarah's current boyfriend, tall, dark hair, brown eyes. Everyone was jealous. He was a looker. His voice was deep and he worked out. Sarah hated the fact her friends drolled over her boyfriend but even she admited, he was gorgeous!

Even with her odsession with One Direction, he still loved her. Yes, he loved her. Everyone could see it just by how he looks at her. He can't keep his eyes off her and everytime he sees her walking past he instantly stands up and walks over to her, wrapping his arm either around her waist or over her shoulders.

Soon they were pulling up infront a giant hotel and all of them jumped out and grabbed their bags. They ran to through the doors, pulling their bags behind them and ran to the checkout. They we're here!


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