Chloe Royal and four of her closest friends win backstage passes to a One Direction Concert. They think nothing will happen, that they will only be meeting their favorite band, but what happens when the boys take a liking the the five girls and exchange numbers? Will there be an everlasting friendship with love blossoming in the corners or will they forget each other?


2. Chapter 2

Chloe was sat at her desk in school trying to concentrate deeply on the words and numbers that the teacher was writing on the SmartBoard at the front of the class. She sighed, she hated college, especially Mathematics (with Statistics). What in the world had convinced her to take this course? She looked to her side and found the answer. The cute boy that had been in her Maths and English class in High School. Matty Dawner. His hair fell as a mess of gorgeous brown and blond, his blue eyes twinkling every time he smiled. He was the reason she was her.

Chloe walked down the familiar corridor towards her art class, her bag flung over her arm, her hair as straight as ever falling over her shoulders. Walking, she looked down at her feet, she was late as it was so she didn't expect to see anyone, or bump into anyone. Yet, she did. But it wasn't just anyone, it was Matty Dawner. Cute Matty Dawner was late for lesson as always. He looked down and smiled at Chloe. Chloe wasn't unpopular, but neither was she the most well known girl in school.

She blushed under his smile. He had always been taller than her, she thought it was cute. As she made to move around him he began talking.

"Hey Chloe. Since when are you late for a lesson?" he said, a slight humored tone to his voice.

"I was with Mrs. Rose, she wanted to know if i had thought about what i want to take in college," Chloe explained, looking anywhere but his eyes.

"Ah, what did you say?" He enquired.

"I told her I hadn't thought about it yet and I need a little more time,"

"Cool, I already know what I'm taking. Mathematics with Statistics, Accounting, maybe Law and French," Matty said proudly.

Chloe smiled and nodded her head, silently telling him she thought he had chosen good courses.

"Well, I need to get to lesson, as do you," Matty grinned, his eyes twinkling.

Chloe agreed an the two teens set off in the opposite direction to the class.

As Chloe sat there though, her thoughts kept traveling back to the Concert. She couldn't wait! None of the girls could! They were all buzzing with excitement. They all knew they were going to be at the concert, their Danni's parents had got her One Direction tickets for her birthday for the closest concert they were having. Fortunately, it was the same concert they were going backstage to!

They hadn't told anyone in College or outside of College in Danni's case, though they really wanted to. When they were all together it was all they talked about; meeting their favorite band member; sitting in the same room as five exceptionally cute boys; what would happen afterwards.

The girls had already booked an apartment in a small hotel in London from the Friday till the Sunday. The concert was on the Saturday night, giving the girls a few hours on Friday and Saturday to go out and find some new clothes to wear before it was time. It also gave them a few hours on the Sunday to catch up on lost sleep before having to head back home to St. Albums.

They all wanted time to fly past.

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