Chloe Royal and four of her closest friends win backstage passes to a One Direction Concert. They think nothing will happen, that they will only be meeting their favorite band, but what happens when the boys take a liking the the five girls and exchange numbers? Will there be an everlasting friendship with love blossoming in the corners or will they forget each other?


1. Chapter 1

"Oh my God!" Screamed Sarah.

"I know!" Chloe yelled back, sounding as happy as Sarah.

"I can't believe it! Chloe your the best!" Lucy hugged Chloe tightly.

"How many times did you enter? It must have been a lot!" Danni asked.

"No, I only applied once!" answered Chloe.

"When is it?" Carrie said, looking over Danni's shoulder.

The five girls peered over at the five rectangular peices of paper that had brought this mutual excitement between them. Months they had been wanting this and finally it sat in front of them. One for each of them. They were all at Chloe's house, they had all rushed over when they all got a short text from Chloe that she needed all of them there as she had to tell them something. They we all kneeling beside the small coffee table looking at the big news Chloe had been talking about.

Pink tinted paper, that's all it was. Five pink tinted peice of paper that held so much value. In front of the five girls sat five backstage passes to a One Direction Concert in London.

Chloe Royal, a girl of nineteen had won an One Direction competition, her award infront of her. She slowly moved a lock of her straight black hair, tucking it behind her ear, her icy blue eyes scanning over the passes. To her left she had Danni and Sarah. Danni was the eldest, she was turning twenty on the following Friday. Her curly brown hair was pulled back in a messy bun, her blue highlights finishing the look, her caramel brown eyes on the verge of filling with tears with happiness. Sarah was the youngest, eighteen years old with wavy ginger hair that was pulled to one side, and her green eyes sparking as she eyed the passes, almost as though she was worried they would vanish. To Chloe's left sat Lucy and Carrie. Lucy and Carrie were identical twins. There was only seventeen minutes between the two of them. Both had soft, bleach blond hair and stunning blue eyes, perfectly tanned skin and the body of a model.

They had all been friends since High School, obviously some of them were in different year groups to each other but with all the talent shows and performances their school put on, it was hard for them not to meet. The five friends had met at a rehersal for "Billy Elliott: The Musical", Chloe and Danni who werent into the whole performing side of theatre signed up to do backstage preparations. While Lucy, Carrie and Sarah decided to aditition for a role and all successed in getting a part.

Their very first encounter, the same encounter that made them best friends, was trying to find the right costume for them. Both Claire and Danni didn't know hat each character was meant to look like and finding the right size was a nightmare, but they had a laugh and by the end of rehersal they were inseperable.

Three years later, they still are.

"It's on the fourteenth of March!" Chloe exclaimed, being the first one to find the the date.

"That's like.." Danni paused and thought for a moment, using her fingers to mentally count. "That's like two and half weeks away!"

The girls smiled. They could week two and a half weeks. They hoped.


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