Summer Camp

What happens when you work at a camp for the summer. What happens when you meet One Direction?


8. Chapter 8


Me and Chloe scrubbed up the last of the plates from tea. We sang along to the radio and swayed our hips as we worked. My mum walked in and started laughing at us.

"Girls, everyone's going to the camp fire now to have a bit of a party, when you girls are finished here you're free to do what you want and come and mingle," she smiles at us.

"Thanks mum!" I shout as she walks back out.

"You know this job isn't as bad as you made it out to be," Chloe says to me.

"I'm just beginning to see that," I laugh. We finish as Chloe drags me back to our hut so we can change and get ready. She's hoping to impress Niall. We walk back out again, me having pulled my hair out of my ponytail and slipped on a casual dress, and Chloe who'd plaited her hair down one side and changed into a pair of fitted black jeans and slim top. Niall won't know what's hit him.

We make our way over to the camp fire and I spot Amy immediately. So we make our way through the crowds until we reach her. I bump into someone and mutter sorry as they turn around. I stand face to face with Harry. I look round for Chloe or Amy frantically but can't see any of them.

"Who are you looking for?" He asks me.

"My friend Chloe, the blonde one!" I shout back over the loud music.

"I saw her leaving to near the lake with Niall, should we follow them?" Harry asks. We?!

"Sure," I reply as he grabs my hand. A warm feeling spreads up my arm but I push it away immediately. I was a very stubborn person and I'm not going to let this boy get to me!

Once we were out of the crowd I pulled my arm away and Harry laughs and looks at me. I give him my best evils.

"Why do you not like me?" He asks. We start walking down a torch lit path, towards the pier.

"Who says I hate you?" I say confidently.

"I can see it in your eyes that you have something against me," he replies. I just look at him. "See! You're doing it again," he shouts pointing at me.

"You really want to know why?" I asked him.

"Please," he says exasperatedly.

"I think you're a cocky young boy who's full of himself just because you're in a famous boy band. Also your hair is too poufy," I add honestly. He laughs and runs a hand through his hair.

"That's a bit unfair when you don't know me," he says.

"But I know your type very well, I have an ex who used to be slightly famous and he was the worst," I say. I remember my ex boyfriend Joe. I got with him when he had just started in a band with his mates. Finally they got scouted and he changed. He started ignoring me, and getting pictures with other girls. He broke my heart, so I ended it with him. I knew exactly Harry's type.

"Well I'm just going to have to change your mind about me," he winks in my direction. I roll my eyes and stare at the ground.

"Are you sure you saw them come this way?" I ask him.

"Ermm no, I just wanted to talk to you," he says shyly. I stop walking.

"See this is exactly what I was talking about," I shout and turn round. "I'm going back," I say, walking back to the campfire.

"I'm sorry, there's just something about you! I can't figure you out!" He shouts after me.

"Well come back when you do!" I shout not turning round.

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