Summer Camp

What happens when you work at a camp for the summer. What happens when you meet One Direction?


6. Chapter 6



"Sarah wake up! We need to get to work!" Chloe shouts, shaking the bottom bunk.

"Urrrghh!" I shout and pull the pillow over my head. I could still hear the happiness of the camp outside, music and laughing and it made me angry. Why did I have to work all summer, and I wouldn't be able to avoid the boys. Crap.

I dragged myself out of bed because I still didn't want to look at state in front of everyone. I threw on some denim shorts and a black tank top. The sun was shining through the curtains but I left my long brown hair waving down my back. Chloe had gone for the feminine look of a flowery dress and dolly shoes. She places a headband in her golden hair. We apply the little makeup we use and she drags me to my mums office.

"What's the first job of the day?" I ask when we arrive.

"Well right now the students are in the great hall having a massive assembly with the boys," she replies but the way she says 'the boys' makes me cringe. "Then they will all be getting their timetables so you'll have to chill outside in the sunshine and show them where to go, so much hard work," she adds sarcastically. I huff and storm out, walking to the great hall, waiting for everyone to come out.

The sun was shining and we couldn't stay still for long. Chloe put some music on her phone and we started dancing around, messing about. We did loads of routines we knew, and got very out of breath, just as everyone piled out of the hall. After that we didn't stop until everyone was in the right places. There were lots of different workshops on, from learning the guitar, to learning to sing. But we were outraged that there were no dancers! Most workshops had a member of the band helping out, because to be honest, that's what they paid for.

After dinner we get out first real job.

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