Summer Camp

What happens when you work at a camp for the summer. What happens when you meet One Direction?


23. Chapter 23


The next day I woke up and sighed. All night I couldn't get the image of Harry and Annabel kissing out of my head. I dragged myself out of bed and decided what to wear. Today I would look my best. Harry wouldn't realise what he's lost. I chose short denim shorts and a black spotty bandeau top. Over that I put a cowgirl waistcoat that has tassels tangling down. It showed off my perfectly toned belly from dancing and my long tanned legs. I put my hair into a high ponytail and applied makeup. I put on my Doc Martins and walked out the door before Chloe had even woken up. 
I kept myself busy all day, not stopping so that I can't think. I was beginning to forget everything when I saw Annabel walk into the canteen. She was talking to someone behind her. Harry. I concentrated on what I was doing, serving food.

"Sarah will you go put this in the bin outside please?" My mum asked, handing me a bag. I panicked. I would have to walk past them both. I straightened my clothes and held my head up high. I strutted straight past them and I could feel Harry's eyes burning into my skin. Once I was outside I let out a breath of relief and dumped the bag.

"Hey Sarah," I heard someone say. I turned around and a member of staff was stood behind me. He was around my age with long floppy blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

"Oh hey, it's Tom right?" I asked. He works with me sometimes in the kitchen.

"Yeah, have you started working yet? I'm late this morning," he says to me.

"Yeah I have but don't worry, I'll sneak you in," I laugh. I grab his hand and lead him into the kitchen the back way. I open the door and poke my head round, making sure no-one will see us. We run inside and grab an apron quickly. We start to work straight away. I see that Harry and Annabel are still in the cue for hot food. Slowly but surely they reach the front.

"Tom have you been here the whole time?" My mum pops up and asks.

"Yeah mum, he's been with me the whole time," I lie for him. She just looks at me and walks off. I look at Tom as we both burst out laughing. He nudges my shoulder softly.

"Thanks," he lowers his voice. I giggle and look up, serving the food. I see Harry's face in front of me frowning. I simply stare at him.

"I need to talk to you," he says quietly.

"No you don't Harry," I say, passing my attention to the next camper. I hear him sigh in frustration and stomp off. I smile to myself. 

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