Summer Camp

What happens when you work at a camp for the summer. What happens when you meet One Direction?


20. Chapter 20


"You're doing it wrong!" I shout Harry in the canoe next to me. He'd been going round in circle since he'd squeezed his legs into the boat. I quickly rowed away from him and I could hear him groaning and moaning behind me. After a while I turn around and see him gaining on me. There's a look of pure determination on his face. I speed up but my arms start to hurt, and it looks like Harry finally gets what to do. I feel his boat bump into the back of mine.

"Hey!" I shout. He grins cheekily and and splashes me with water. I turn my canoe around so that its next to Harry's. I fill up my hands with water and throw it all over his hair. He looks at me angrily.

"You'll pay for that!" He says mischievously. He gets up and his boat starts to rock. He puts one foot in my boat whilst his other is still in his. And typically the boats start to move away from each other.

"Sarah help me!" He says panicking. I start laughing but eventually get up to help. I grab his arm and start to pull him onto my boat when I feel the floor unsteady beneath me. Harry looks at me with wide eyes. "Shit!" He shouts as we both plunge into the water. I come up for air and find him flapping about. I couldn't stop laughing. Eventually he laughs too. We decide to swim to the little bank in the middle of the lake so we don't get too tired. I crawl up the bank and drop down on the sand. I turn on my back so I can see the sky. I feel Harry plonk down next to me but I don't move.

"Harry what do you honestly think of Annabel?" I ask suddenly.

"Why do you ask?" He replies.

"I was just wondering," I lie.

"I think she's alright," he says.

"That all?" I question. 

"I think you're jealous," Harry says quietly. I bolt up.

"I am not jealous!" I shout, making myself clear.

"You protest too much," he laughs. I laugh too and lie back down. "I showed the lads the song before.." Harry pauses. "They loved it," he grins. I look sideways towards him and he looks down at me. I stare into his big green eyes.

"That's great," I smile.

"We also decided to do the video for it on our last night here," he whispers. Adrenaline pumps through me. I could be in it. "We have to choose a girl to be the main person in it too," he adds.

"Does Annabel know about this?" I ask.

"No why?" He replies.

"It's just that she will obviously want to be that girl, and you guys have to let her. So you don't get in trouble with her dad," I sigh looking up at the sky. The sun was just setting and it was starting to go dark.

"We'll have to see about that," I hear Harry say next to me. I feel a warm hand snake around mine and grasp it carefully. I squeeze Harry's hand back. We stay there for a while, thinking our own thoughts before we both decide we should go back to the boats and the camp.

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