Summer Camp

What happens when you work at a camp for the summer. What happens when you meet One Direction?


19. Chapter 19


I ran up the stairs to my cabin and swung the door open.

"Mum?!" I shout. I look around but can see she's not even in here. I start to think, getting confused. She could've just left, I tell myself. I run down to the canteen and finally find her dishing some food out.

"Hey did you just sent Annabel to get me?" I asked her. She just looked at me confused.

"No, I haven't spoken to Annabel today," she tells me. I put my head in my hands. She'd tricked me! All so she could get me away from Harry. But at least I knew she was jealous of me and Harry. Point one to Annabel, but I'll definitely get my revenge.

"You may aswell help me if you're here," my mum says handing me an apron. I smile at her and help dish out everyone's dinner. Chloe walks through the door when we're washing up. I tell her about everything in hushed whispers.

"I can't believe that bitch!" She exclaims.

"Oh don't worry, I know how to get her back. My mum told me that from now on we have the afternoon off to do whatever we'd like. I'm thinking a Niall and Harry session," I wink at her. She grins at me. We finish washing and go our separate ways, searching for our tutors. I spot Harry and Annabel still stood at the end of the pier. That wasn't good. They've been talking for nearly an hour. I walk down the pier and Harry turns around and smiles at me.

"Did you find your mum?" He asks me.

"The funny thing was, I did, but she didn't even need me," I say looking right at Annabel. She just stares at me, smiling sweetly.

"That's strange," she says.

"Anyway Harry, I have the afternoon off, how about that session?" I say, taking one step closer to him. I could feel Annabel's eyes burning into my back.

"Sure," he says. With that Annabel storms off down the pier, huffing and puffing to herself.

"I can't upset her, it could ruin the camp," Harry says worriedly.

"Go and tell her you'll see her after," I sigh.

"Really?" He asks.

"Yeah sure," I smile weakly at him. I definitely didn't want to ruin the camp so she can have her time.

"Hey Annabel, I'll talk to you after," he shouts down the pier. She turns around and her face lights up. After she's strolled up the bank Harry turns back to me.

"So what will we do today?" He asks. I shrug my shoulders but turn towards the row of canoes lying on the bank.

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