Summer Camp

What happens when you work at a camp for the summer. What happens when you meet One Direction?


17. Chapter 17



"And the two finalists are..... Annabel...and Sarah and Chloe!" Harry says brightly. Shit! I thought. How were we going to even compare to Annabel's great voice, no matter how annoying she is. The other finalists pile off stage until there's just us and her left. She gives us a weak smile. I crush Chloe's hand with mine. The boys come on stage with us and Harry stands right next to me.

"You did great," he whispers in my ear as everyone claps. I smile at him, too nervous to say anything else.

"So this is your time to decide our winner," Niall says. Zayn waves a hand over Annabel's head as she smiles sweetly into the crowd.

"Cheer for Annabel!" He yells. And everyone starts cheering and clapping. She gets loads of shouts and wolf whistles. I sigh defeated. No way in hell are we going to be able to beat that. Harry senses my discomfort and calms everyone down. He waves his hand over mine and Chloe's heads.

"Now scream your loudest for Sarah and Chloe!" He shouts. And there's silence. Tears start to form in my eyes, when suddenly the whole place uproars. People are standing on their feet and jumping up and down, making as much noise as possible.

"So it looks like we have a clear winner!" Louis shouts.

"Congratulations Sarah and Chloe!" Niall shouts. He gives Chloe a huge hug and I'm enveloped into a huge bear hug by Harry. He lifts me off the ground and I start kicking. He plonks me down but keeps his arm around my waist as everyone cheers for us.

"Congrats," Annabel comes out from nowhere. She immediately looks at Harry's hand on my hip with disgust.

"Thanks Annabel, you were great by the way," I say lightly. She just smiles and stalks off.

"I can't wait for our private session," Harry winks at me as he walks off. My cheeks start to burn. Then I run up to Chloe and jump on her. We both squeal, happy for once. 

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