Summer Camp

What happens when you work at a camp for the summer. What happens when you meet One Direction?


16. Chapter 16


And that's when my eyes met his. His mouth was encouraging me to carry on and eventually the whole place was clapping and cheering. I snapped out of my trance and looked at Chloe. She'd stopped dancing and had her head in her hands.

I signalled to start the music again and as it began I took a deep breath. I closed my eyes but carried on moving. I soon became part of the beat. I opened my eyes and saw everyone in front of us on their feet cheering. That's when I started to smile. Me and Chloe flowed between each other and our energy was bouncing around everywhere.

Time for the last part, I thought as we jumped down from the stage in front of the boys. One more flick of our hair and cheeky wink and the crowd was ours. Including the boys. I grabbed Chloe's hand and we bowed. When I looked up, Harry was grinning at me. I gave him a shy hug, because I honestly didn't know where that had come from. Even Chloe was shocked at how well we danced.

I walked backstage with Chloe and bumped right into Annabel who had a face like thunder. She softened quickly when she saw us.

"Great job girls," she said through clenched teeth. I laughed and thanked her, proud to have found something that I'm better at. We hadn't even caught our breath before we were dragged back onstage for the results.

"Wow we can't believe how good everyone was, and we can't even decide on a winner," Niall said.

"So we've had to whittle it down to two acts, and the outcome will decide on how loud the crowd cheers for you," Liam tells us. Even though I didn't want to do this competition I still wanted us to win. I clenched Chloe's hand and she squeezed back reassuringly.

"And the two finalists are...."

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