Summer Camp

What happens when you work at a camp for the summer. What happens when you meet One Direction?


15. Chapter 15


Me and Chloe finally decided on a song. It was DNA by Little Mix. It was one of the most recent dances we'd learnt in school and it was also one of our favourite. It was sexy and dangerous and showed off our talent. It included splits, jumps and lots of hair flicking, mine and Chloe's speciality.

We didn't have a proper outfit so we had to settle on normal clothes. I chose a cropped black top, with studs on and dark denim shorts with my army boots and long socks. Chloe settled on her long black boots, black skater skirt and black tank top. We did our makeup dark and mysterious, with bright red lipstick.

And finally we were done. The competition hadn't started yet so we had to wait backstage until the very end. All of the talents were really good. Most sang, but some played the drums or the guitar really well. When it was Annabel's turn she walked on stage, fully dressed in pink, and sings Only Girl in the World. She actually has a really good voice.

"And next, the dancing styles of Sarah and Chloe!" I heard Harry's husky voice shout. It made my knees go weak. That and the adrenaline. My heart started pounding and my nerves built up. Chloe practically dragged me on stage, and everyone gasped when they saw us. A good thing hopefully.

The music started but I couldn't move. Chloe gave me some weird looks but I just froze staring into the crowd. I couldn't believe I was going to humiliate myself in front of everyone.

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