Summer Camp

What happens when you work at a camp for the summer. What happens when you meet One Direction?


10. Chapter 10


At dinner the next day we had to take the boys their dinner again. It was becoming a habit now, and the job had been dumped on us. Chloe was ecstatic but I was the opposite. I hadn't told Chloe about what happened between me and Harry because I didn't want anything to be awkward.

I kick the door with my foot and it swings open on its own. We walk in and the place is empty, bottles and plates strewn across the room.

"I'll go get the bin bags and cleaning stuff, Chloe sighs, as she places her tray down and goes back outside. I put my tray down and start to grab some of the empty bottles lying around. The boys sure are messy. Suddenly I hear a door open and shut. I expect Chloe to walk back through but it wasn't the front door. And that's when Harry walks into my view.

"Harry?!" I shout loudly. He turns round startled. I cover my eyes quickly because all he's wearing is a towel around his waist.

"Jesus!" He shouts running into his room. I move my hands away and regain my breath. How could he look so damn hot after coming out of the shower, with his wet curls surrounding his face. I continue to blush, unable to get the image of his naked abs out of my head. Remember Sarah, play it cool, I thought to myself.

I took deep breaths in and carried on cleaning until he walked back out. He was now wearing a black vest top, and blue chinos, but his hair was still wet.

"I think you came here on purpose, have you spoken to the boys? Did they tell you I was in the shower?" He asks me. I stand there shocked at him.

"No! I came here because its my job! And if you kept this place tidy, I wouldn't have to see you!" I shouted back. Just at the right time, Chloe came bustling through the door, having found the cleaning stuff and the rest of the boys. They all grabbed their lunch as me and Chloe scrubbed and wiped their whole hut.

We listened to them talking whilst we worked.

"Paul told us that we have an important person coming later today, that we have to impress," Niall told Harry.

"And who is it?" Harry asked them.

"We have no idea, Paul didn't even know," Liam explained.

"All we do know is, is that they fund the whole camp so we have to impress them, for it to carry on," Louis says.

"Sounds like hard work!" Harry complained and I roll my eyes. Once we're finished we say goodbye to all the boys and Harry walks over to me.

"Can we go on a walk later? If you have any time," he asks me.

"I think I'll be pretty busy today, especially with that very important person coming," I tell him. I wasn't going to succumb to his boyish nature.

"Oh well, I'll see you later then," he says, looking at the ground. Me and Chloe leave and work on our next job.


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