Love, Is What's Forbidden

"i dont know why im paired up with you", sam says refusing to look up from her book. "You think this is fun for me?! Trust me im more confused about this than you are",marco says refusing to look at what might ruin his reputation of being a badass-jock everybody thinks he is. A couple minutes pass for what seems to be forever and sam finally decides to look up. marco catches her gaze and kneels down to her level,"what kind of book are you reading?", he puts his hand on hers and she snatches it away. "it's the type of book with words in it", she says sarcastically. "Seriously what's your problem, everytime i try and talk to you, your always acting like a snob". She looks at him in the eyes then looks away," im trying to stay away from boys like you that's all". He gets up and leans up against the wall," i'm not like those other guys". she rises up to his level,"oh really, then what type of guy are you?"..


2. The Unexpected

"Got it!, damn what's in your panties?", Marco said, with a roll of his eyes. "Nothin', i just want to make this whole thing clear, that's all", Sam says with a i-am-now-in-control smirk on her face.

A few seconds later before Marco could get a word in, the bell rang. Sam was the first to leave the classroom, and sure enough Marco followed. He wanted to get to the bottom of why she's acting like a complete snob, all he said was "hi". Was it that bad?! "Hey", he yelled, but obviously, she wasn't trying to hear his cry for attention. "Hey... HEY!, can you atleast tell me why you're acting all rude and disrespectful to me?!". "I just told you that we can't be nothing mre than partners. What else is there to say?!", the more Marco caught up, the faster she walked. She could hear him swear under his breath. "Then talk to me as a friend". That made her pause, she never thought about just talking to the guy. "Fine.. What do you want to talk about?", she finally took the courtesy to turn around and when she did, Marco was right under her nose, ready to ask questions and hear the answers to them. "Soo, what is there to talk about?", Sam repeats trying to keep her personal-space. "Walk with me", Marco grabs her shoulders and walks her through the crowded, noisy hallway with a side grin.

When they're somewhat close to their destination, Sam couldn't help but break the silence. "Seriously, where are you taking me? I feel like i've been walking for hours just to talk". "We've only been walking for 15 minutes. And how do you know if all we're going to do is just talk?". "Because that's what we agreed on!", she pushed him away, "and this is the exact same reason why i'm trying to keep my distance from you!". "Ok, im just messin' with you mammita no harm done. Now that i've got your attention, maybe we can do some real talking", he sits down on the grass and pats on the space next to him.

They began to talk and talk. Sam then realizes that he's completely opposite of what she's been thinking about when she first met him, but she didn't want to lead him in any way. She has to keep her distance. Looks can be decieving. 

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