Love, Is What's Forbidden

"i dont know why im paired up with you", sam says refusing to look up from her book. "You think this is fun for me?! Trust me im more confused about this than you are",marco says refusing to look at what might ruin his reputation of being a badass-jock everybody thinks he is. A couple minutes pass for what seems to be forever and sam finally decides to look up. marco catches her gaze and kneels down to her level,"what kind of book are you reading?", he puts his hand on hers and she snatches it away. "it's the type of book with words in it", she says sarcastically. "Seriously what's your problem, everytime i try and talk to you, your always acting like a snob". She looks at him in the eyes then looks away," im trying to stay away from boys like you that's all". He gets up and leans up against the wall," i'm not like those other guys". she rises up to his level,"oh really, then what type of guy are you?"..


7. The Tables Turn

The next day was filled with unspoken words as Sam walked side by side with Carmen.

"Hey, you alright?", Carmen asked surprisingly. She was shocked not to hear her best friend ramble aimlessly about how annoying the new guy was.

The question was a blur to Sam, too many thoughts were filling her head. Too much to even let Carmens' question sink in.

" uhh hello? Bubble brain i'm talking to you", Carmen replied as she nudged Sam into her locker.

" What?", she looked at carmen and quickly fell over a random bookbag that happened to be laying in the hallway.


" What's wrong with you, why are you acting so weird?"

"What? What are you talking about? Carmen, how am i acting weird? You sound weird just asking that question", Sam quickly gets up and continues walking like nothing ever happened. Carmen grabbed her arm and turned her around to face her.

"I'm the one sounding weird?! Are you serious? Don't play dumb Sam! Honestly? What's been going on with you lately?"

"Lately? It's been a couple of hours, you act like i never called, or texted you". Sam took a quick glance around to find a couple people staring. "And you're making a big scene for nothing. So what if i'm quiet for awhile, just give me time to think alright?", sam walks away hoping to start her day right.


As the teacher was writing equations and talking about tests, Sam couldn't help but daydream... again... And think about what just happened between her and Carmen a few minutes ago. Then her thoughts wandered to Marco. She began to smile at thoughts of his lips, eyes, just everything about him.




She gets out of her seat happy to know that the day is finally over. She walks to her locker to find, Marco blocking her way to her locker.



"Can you move? I have to get to my locker", Sam tries her hardest not to smile while replying the way she did.

He didn't say a word and moved to let her pass.


"Mhm", he smirks while watching her. An awkward silence builds up.

"Um soo-"

He grabs her waist and turns her around. She gives him a look of confusion, but he ingnores it and kisses her. Trying to register what had just happened but she refused to. She just wanted  to feel his lips on hers again. She kisses him back then stops him, "so", she looks up to see he's waiting for the question.

"Urm", she chuckles, "so, are we like a thing now?"

"Do you think we are?"

"That's why i'm asking you"

"Well, hmm" he pulls her close to his body and smiles at the thought of it. "I can say we are, do you?"

"Umm yeah", she smiles back at him. "I can".

"Okay so it's official then? Mi Corazon", He begins to chuckle when he looks at Sam's reaction.

" What's that mean?"

"It means 'My Love' "


He kisses her once more happy to know she's his for real.


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