Love, Is What's Forbidden

"i dont know why im paired up with you", sam says refusing to look up from her book. "You think this is fun for me?! Trust me im more confused about this than you are",marco says refusing to look at what might ruin his reputation of being a badass-jock everybody thinks he is. A couple minutes pass for what seems to be forever and sam finally decides to look up. marco catches her gaze and kneels down to her level,"what kind of book are you reading?", he puts his hand on hers and she snatches it away. "it's the type of book with words in it", she says sarcastically. "Seriously what's your problem, everytime i try and talk to you, your always acting like a snob". She looks at him in the eyes then looks away," im trying to stay away from boys like you that's all". He gets up and leans up against the wall," i'm not like those other guys". she rises up to his level,"oh really, then what type of guy are you?"..


5. Temptations Are Hard to Hold Back

Sam gets home with the thought of what he said. Think about it, yeah i'll try not to, She thought. Maybe sleeping it off would make things better. She walks up to her room and throws herself on the bed and burries her face into her plushy pillow hopeful to sleep away her problems..

*Next morning*

The sun beams in her room reflecting off her vanity mirror and hits her eyes. She groans, but smells what seems to be Aprils' mouth watering bacon just a few steps away. Sam got up in a floating trance and appears in the kitchen.

"Mmmm, is that your famous bacon?"

"Haha well goodmorning and yes it is, soon you'll make us breakfast so i don't have to", she hands Sam a sample to taste.

"Oh my gosh i know, i'm eighteen and don't know how to cook anything but toast".

April laughs and begins to serve the breakfast. Silence decided to join the room, the only sound that was heard were the utensils grinding on the plates. Sam manages to break the silence, "so, what are we going to do on this beautiful day?". She gets up to go clean the dishes. April puts her plates in the sink and sits on the counter. "Hmm i dont know if we have anything planned for today but stay home and watch some t.v". "Oh that's a little boring", she chuckles. "Remember when we were kids and we used to play hide and seek in the house?". April laughs at the memory,"forget inside we took that shit outside!". They began to laugh so hard until the phone rang. "I got it", she ran to the phone and picked it up, "hello... oh hey Cassie.... uh-huh... Okay.... uh-huh, okay we'll be there... kk b-bye". April hung up and just looked around spaced out, Sam looked at her waiting to hear the details. But nothing came out,"HELLO?! What did she say", Sam shook her for an answer. "OH!, she asked if we can go meet her family at the park because they're having a barbeque today. And i said yeah we're able to make it, is that okay with you?"

"Of course NOW we have something to do today". Sam ran upstairs to find something to wear and April hurries after her and laughs at her bestfriends' episodes. "Why are you laughing at me?! Go get dressed!". April realizes that she's right and rushes to her room to get dressed.

Marco is alarmed by the vibration of his phone. When it vibrates again he takes the phone and finally decides to look at the message,"Hey man, it's Enrique you know what today is, don't you?" He groans and throws his phone across the room and heads to the bathroom. Pouring the water over his face the phone vibrates again. Probably from Enrique, he thought. The phone vibrates again, now Marco has no choice but to answer the message.

(The text messages)

Enrique: Do You Know What Today Is?? Dammit answer me!

Me:Yea, i do actually.

Enrique: Then what is it?

Me:It's Saturday

Enrique: No dumbass, i can't even believe you forgot. IT'S THE FAMILY REUNION!!

Me: Oh shit i DID forget about that. Iight i'll be on my way right now.

Enrique: ok, make sure you get here right away. We need all the help we can get with the decorations.

Me: k

Marco throws his phone on the bed and runs his hands through his hair. Time to get ready for what's to come.

Sam and April arrive at the barbeque. Cassie sees them and runs up to them,"HII GUYS I'M SOO GLAD YOU COULD MAKE IT", she brings them both into a bear hug. "So am i",Sam says gasping for air. "Same here, hey do you mind Cassie? You're squeezing things",April pushes away and takes a huge breather. "Oh sorry, i'm just really glad you're here i needed some company like i REALLY needed company". Sam and April look at each other and laugh, "Ok we get it". The clique walks to the table and sits. While they catch up on what happened at home, and with their family Sam looks over to the other side wondering who would do a barbeque at this time. It's cold. She skims the crowds of many heads and sees a guy with brown eyes and by the side of his face she could tell he was cute, then he turns around all of sudden and then she sees who it is. Marco. "Oh no", She quickly ducks for cover. If he finds out that she's here there's no telling what could happen.


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