Love, Is What's Forbidden

"i dont know why im paired up with you", sam says refusing to look up from her book. "You think this is fun for me?! Trust me im more confused about this than you are",marco says refusing to look at what might ruin his reputation of being a badass-jock everybody thinks he is. A couple minutes pass for what seems to be forever and sam finally decides to look up. marco catches her gaze and kneels down to her level,"what kind of book are you reading?", he puts his hand on hers and she snatches it away. "it's the type of book with words in it", she says sarcastically. "Seriously what's your problem, everytime i try and talk to you, your always acting like a snob". She looks at him in the eyes then looks away," im trying to stay away from boys like you that's all". He gets up and leans up against the wall," i'm not like those other guys". she rises up to his level,"oh really, then what type of guy are you?"..


10. Eye to eye.. Same shoes?

​ She learned that she had a bad habit of thinking about what Marco says, what could he have possibly meant by that?? He doesn't seem like a bad guy. The dude has straight B's and C's .. maybe one or two A's, either way you put it, he has something going for himself so .... why put that all in jeopardy?

​Leaning against her headboard, her mind traveled deeper into thought. I have the right to know, I mean .. i'm his girl for crying out loud. Dammit! I should've said that .. DAMMIT! But those lips. She wiggled her toes and her face turned hot, then there came a knock at the door. "ahem, come in!"


​"Hi honey"

​"Oh hi mom". Her mother's body language seemed unsettling, "So um, you think you could hold down the fort until I get back from Chicago?". Again?

​"And who are you traveling there for this time?"

​"Watch that tone Samantha"


​"Mom, please don't start. We all know you travel place to place for ONE reason. Like, come on when are you going to just relax, turn that down and spend time with your two kids for once... and before you say anything don't turn any of what I just said on me because WE BOTH know that I do more than you do, in this house.", Sam replies with a roll of her eyes. Her mother chuckles and walks out the room, with no further discussion. Sam knew the only reason she won is because her mother simply gave up, on everything. Turning over to the dark sky she noticed one twinkling star, one she always believed was her father. Every time it twinkled, it was a sign that he was listening. That's what she needed right now. With a smile, she turns over and plans on ending the night with a peaceful dream, thought, anything..

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