Love, Is What's Forbidden

"i dont know why im paired up with you", sam says refusing to look up from her book. "You think this is fun for me?! Trust me im more confused about this than you are",marco says refusing to look at what might ruin his reputation of being a badass-jock everybody thinks he is. A couple minutes pass for what seems to be forever and sam finally decides to look up. marco catches her gaze and kneels down to her level,"what kind of book are you reading?", he puts his hand on hers and she snatches it away. "it's the type of book with words in it", she says sarcastically. "Seriously what's your problem, everytime i try and talk to you, your always acting like a snob". She looks at him in the eyes then looks away," im trying to stay away from boys like you that's all". He gets up and leans up against the wall," i'm not like those other guys". she rises up to his level,"oh really, then what type of guy are you?"..


6. Discovered Secrets. . .

Marco walks over to help with the banners. "Why the hell do we have to celebrate outdoors?"

"Because i don't want little kids running around my house. Remember last time that happened?".

Marco laughs at the memory, "yeah, it was fun"

"Of course you would say that," he replies with a roll of his eyes. Marco was taking the plastic plates out of the bag when he manages to look over to the other side and sees Sam bent over, hiding her face behind a plastic plate.  " Oh wow, she's hiding from me", he lets out a chuckle and finishes up the decorations. Enrique gets up,"thanks".

"No problem",Enrique pats him on the back and walks away.

Marco takes another look over at the table and sees that she's gone. He takes a glance at the other locations and sees her by the cooler and just watches her. Her long brown hair reaching the small of her back, he closes his eyes and pictures her beautiful eyes and smile. Her warm pink lips on his. He opens his eyes and catches her staring at him, then she quickly looks away. He suddenly had the urge to walk over to her side. "Hey Sam", she looks up at him and rolls her eyes.


"Do we have a problem?", he says following her to the table full of a bunch of little kids hovering over treats.

She took a deep breath, " Nothing". It was hard for him to think with all the spoiled bratz, yelling for what they want and singing songs off key.

"Can we talk bout this somewhere else?!", he yells over the noise.

"About what??"

"About us". She stopped and looked at him with a confused expression, "there's no us, there's only you and me", she walks away with him following behind her. This is ridiculous , he thought. He stopped infront of her, "can you talk to me?". "Talk to you for what?", she tries to walk away but for some reason her legs weren't moving. He slides his hand down her arm, she looks at him and lets out a short breath. She falls into his eyes and leans forward letting everything fall into place. He grabs her hand and runs out of the park.. "What's your problem?!", she backs away from him, "why is it that everytime you have to talk to me, we always have to go a separate location?!". "Ok let me stop you right there, atleast thank me for taking you away from those bratz. I don't know how you deal with them and all that yelling".

She takes a huge breath before giving him a piece of her mind, "trust me i could handle more than you know. It's none of your concern anyway, you're turning something small into something that doesn't need to be dealt with. I get that you-" he let her ramble on and on about her problems. He stared at her lips, her eyes. Sam stopped rambling aimlessly and noticed he was smilling, "this will never stop. You'll just keep thinking this is nothing but a game, huh?". She walks close enough to get in his face, "ok preppy, you listen and you listen good. I don't know what's going on with you, possibly a mental problem but whatever it is". He stopped her with a kiss, "stop talking about you not liking it when you really do". Her whole body froze with shock and looked up at him with a blank expression. She then kissed him back, a voice inside of her told her to stop but her heart told her otherwise. 


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