Getting Away ( A Harry Styles Fan Fic)

Yes I know this story is on wattpad it's my story and I want to try to get it out more so I'm posting it here to. Ohh yeah and if you want to find out about the story read it to see!! :) Enjoy!


1. His name is Harry... Harry Styles

I woke up to my mom screaming in my ear,"Get your ass up you lazy bum get some self respect". Ughh She's drink again. I hate when my mom gets drunk but it dosent surprise me that she is shes drunk all the time. I got up even though it was only 5:30 in the morning and I couldn't go to sleep till 12 I pushed myself and walked out the door. I jut need to get out and go...well anywhere away from here. I walked what else could I do I was only 15. I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking I was just walking and that's when it happened. He was the most gorgeous boy I'd ever seen in my life with that curly hair green eyes and his smile that fit him and showed his dimples so well. He's was the most gorgeous person I saw in my life. "Hi" I said standing up "I'm sorry lovei didn't see you there""that's ok" I managed to say though his piercing eyes they were just so gorgeous who wouldn't get lost in them?? "My names Harry" he said offering me his hand "Hi Harry I'm --" I was cut off by my phone beeping. I got a new txt message from my boyfriend--great what's he want now. I looked at the txt hey babe I'll pick you up at 7.i sighed I guess I have to go. "what was that for??" he asked I guess I sighed out loud without noticing
"umm it's nothing I just have to go out with my boyfriend be honest I really don't want to though""so then tell him you don't wanna go"he said trying to sound comforting?"nah he will get mad if I do it's better that I just go""is he hurting you love??"he asked sounding concerned. I didn't even know this guy that much but I knew I had made a new friend. "no" I said lying hoping he couldn't tell I was lieing I'm the worlds worst lire. "ohh alright" he didn't sound convinced. "well I better get going if I want to be ready for the date""alright by love""bye"I really didn't want to go but I had to. "wait" he grabbed my arm "what?" "how can I see you again if I don't have your number??"he said with a cheeky grin on his face. I just laughed and wrote down my number. "I'll call you tonight" he yelled at me as I walked away. I finally got home and thankfully my witch of a mother was asleep so I went upstairs and hopped in the shower. I just finished getting ready for my date when I heard a car horn. "great" I said "now he's going to wake up the witch. I didn't refer to my mom as mom,mother,mommy anything like that all she was to me was witch nothing else. I ran down stairs as quickly as I could so he would stop honking the horn to my surprise the witch hadn't woken up she must have taken a sleeping pill. "hey baby" he said coming toward me. "hey" I said with a fake smile I would have much rather have been with Harry but I can't turn Brad down....for obvious reasons..."where are we going" I asked as I got into the car. "We are going to see a movie" he said. I always loved going to the movies with my dad when he was still here but he died 4 years ago from cancer that's when my mom went crazy and earned the name witch. "what movie are we gonna see" "I don't know we will have to find out when we get there" "ok" I said trying to sound happy. I wanted to watch love actually but he insisted we watch scream. The whole movie scared me so I walked out. "Babe come back" he yelled "I'm not watching that movie I'm going home" "well fine then enjoy your walk" he's such an ass. I finally got home and looked at the clock it was only 8. "well not much to do now" I sighed just then my phone rung from an unknown number"hello""hey how did your date go??"I could tell by the voice who it was there was just something about his voice."umm well I wanted to watch love actually and Brad wanted to watch scream so we ended up watching that but I didn't stay for the movie I ran out" "I love that movie it's one of my favorites""scream??" "no love actually" finally a guy that likes that movie. I spent the rest of the night just talking to him on the phone I could talk for hours and never get tired of him. Finally we both decided we should go to sleep since it was allready 3 in the morning.
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