Getting Away ( A Harry Styles Fan Fic)

Yes I know this story is on wattpad it's my story and I want to try to get it out more so I'm posting it here to. Ohh yeah and if you want to find out about the story read it to see!! :) Enjoy!


2. A hero or much more?

I woke up to my phone going off "ughhh"I let out as I rolled over and looked at the screen--which was way to bright for just waking up. It was a txt from Brad. "yay" I said sarcastically I wish I could just get out of this relationship but I can't...not without getting me or my friends hurt. I decided not to open the txt it would wait till later I got up and did my normal morning routine then I decided to go for a jog outside so I grabbed my jogging clothes changed got my phone and headed out of the house. I plugged in my headphones and played the music. It was a really good song so I couldn't help but sing along with it.

"Momma told me not to waste my life

She said spread your wing my little butterfly

Don't let what the say keep you up at night

And if the give you shhhh

Then they could wa--"

I was cut off bye a car pulling up beside me "hey baby wanna go for a ride" I pretended like I didn't hear them so they started getting louder and louder until they pulled their car over in front of me. I froze in my tracks and started backing away "come on baby we just wanna go for a ride" "yeah what's the matter chicken got your feet??" I started running away but heard feet chasing me. I started getting faster and faster but the feet kept getting closer and closer to me. "leave me alone" I screamed in fear "were not gonna hurt ya we just wanna have alittle fun" a sneaky grin slide across his face. I tripped over a trash can--great at the time I least wanted to trip I just have to. I felt hands on my body and started screaming and kicking but nobody could hear me I was drug down a alley. I started crying why is this happening to me I though. They started ripping off my clothes and touching me I tried to scream against but they covered my mouth. "if you scream your dead" the tears started coming harder and harder. I was laying their naked a hopeless and they started undressing until someone started running down te alley. I heard that voice before and knew exactly who it was----Harry. He came rushing up to me and saw me laying their and realized what was happening he got furious and started beating up the guys. They were throwing punches left and right and I kept trying to get up to help but I couldn't I was shaking to much so I had to sit there and watch every punch he took. Luckily somebody else saw the fighting and helped him. The guys who tried to rape me ran off. Harry came over to me and gave me his coat "here---you need it more than I do" "thanks" I said as I tried to get up but I couldnt so Harry gave me his hand and helped me up. I felt safe with him now so I let him help me walk. "harry"I said there was a crack in my voice. "yeah??" "how did you know I was in that alley??" he paused for a moment "I was going for a walk my house is just down the block from here" "ohh----well thanks for coming" I said trying to smile "your welcome"he gave me a kiss on my forehead. "so where are we going??" "well I don't actually know I thought you would say where to go eventually" he said smiling,I smiled a weak smile back "well if your house is just down the block we could just go there if that alright with you" "thatll be fine" We finally made it to Harry's house it was quite big. "Do you live alone??" "yeah but sometimes my mom comes to visit" " you maybe have any clothes I could put on so I'm not just wearing a jacket all day??" I didn't want those clothes would just bring back bad memories. "umm I don't have and girl clothes but I could give you something of mine to wear" that'll be fine" I said. He came back with a tshirt that said lover on it and some boy shorts "here if you don't like it I could find something else" "it'll be fine" I said I went to the bathroom to change. I came back out of the bathroom after I freshened up and saw Harry sitting on the couch...he was watching a movie and after a couple seconds I realized what movie it was---love actually. "hey" I said coming over and sitting down by him. "ohh hey nice shirt" he said with a cheeky smile. "Your watching love actually" "yeah I remembered you said you wanted to see the movie but Brady,Butt,Bummer whatever his name was wanted to watch scream so I figured I would watch this so you could watch it. I was laughing so hard when he said butt and bummer he didn't even say his actuall name in the list. "well that very sweet of you" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek. I turned my attention back to the screen and started watching the movie.

Harry's P.O.V
She started watching the movie and I couldn't help but look over at her. She was so beautiful. I wish I could just kiss her but she has a boyfriend.... "ughhhh" oops I said that out loud......dangit I'm stupid... "r u ok??" "yeah I'm fine" I said giving her a smile....that reminds me I didn't catch her name yet...."I got a question" "yeah" she said looking at me as if I had her full attention. "remember when we first met.....I told you my name....but you still haven't told me yours" she just smiled. Her smile was so pretty and it lit up her face perfectly. "my names (y/n)" she said with a smile on her face. (y/n)...the word lingered through my head and the way she said was driving me crazy by how cute she was just perfect in every way. "that a lovely name" I said with a smile but I couldn't stop repeating how she said it in my head. "thanks" she said with a smile.

Your P.O.V
The movie was almost over and your getting really tired. A yawn escapes from your mouth and Harry looks at you. "Do you want me to take you home??.......... Or you could sleep here tonight".....Harry knows about my witch of a mother so he knows I try to stay away from home as much as possible. "yeah if you don't mind" "it's completely fine" I got a little excited inside.....why??? I don't know.... Am I falling for this guy?? "you could sleep in the guest room if you want" "k" and with that I left to go to sleep.

Harry's P.O.V
(y/n) left to go to sleep so I watched the last few minutes of the movie that was left and cleaned up. After that I went to bed.

Your P.O.V
I stayed laying in the room for a while....I couldn't go to sleep.....maybe Harry would let me sleep with Him for the head was spinning on that thought. I got up out of bed and walked to Harry's room. "Harry" I said as I knocked on the door. "yeah"he said so sleepily but his voice was so....indescribable. "I can't sleep.........can I sleep in here with you??" I felt my stomach tighten waiting for his answer. "sure.....just let me put on boxers first" he said with a smile. I just laughed at him. After he was done I went in his room and crawled up next to him. It felt weird at first but then he put his arms around me and somehow I felt ...... Loved. It was a feeling I hadn't felt since dad was here..... I curled up into his chest and listened to his heart beat. It sounded so funny but so relaxing and calming before I knew it I was asleep.

*The next day*

Harry's P.O.V
I woke up and (y/n) was laying on my chest. She looked so peaceful and adorable. I couldn't help but stare at her. I gently kissed the tip of her head.

Your P.O.V
My eyes fluttered open. Wow it wasn't a dream I thought to myself as I remembered last night.....I think I'm falling in love with him.....oh snap I just remembered Brad he sent me a txt yesterday morning and I didn't reply.....he's going to kill me......literally....I looked up to see Harry just staring at me "good morning beautiful" he said smiling I couldn't help but smile back "good morning Harry" I said smiling back at him. I got up but he pulled me back into the bed "where do you think your going??" he said with a cheeky grin on his face "I'm going to the bathroom" I said laughing "if I could be of any service let me know" he said smiling "will do Hazza" I said laughing. I walked back out of the bathroom but Harry wasn't there...where could he be?? Just then somebody tackled me onto the bed "hello looking for someone??" he said smiling "Harry you scared me to death!!!!!" I said screaming at him "sorry love" he was still laying on me since he tackled me onto the bed "umm Harry you could get off you know" "right.....but what if I don't want to??" "well then I guess we would be stuck like this until you do" "sounds good to me" he said smiling you couldn't help but smile back at him finally he got off and you went to check your phone. 67 new messages. Omg who from?? You wondered in your looked throught them one from you mom one from your best friend Jessica and 65 from Brad....ohh scrolled through the txt and had basically seen the same thing in all of them :babe txt me,babe lets hang out,babe talk to me,babe I miss you,and babe I love you over and over again. You let out a sigh and stuck your phone in your pocket
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