Getting Away ( A Harry Styles Fan Fic)

Yes I know this story is on wattpad it's my story and I want to try to get it out more so I'm posting it here to. Ohh yeah and if you want to find out about the story read it to see!! :) Enjoy!


3. A Desire then Tragedy

I kept thinking about what to do about him....maybe he will take it easy and just leave me alone....maybe he wi-- I was interrupted by Harry coming in the room. He noticed the expression on my face and immediately got worried. "(y/n) are you all right?" "yeah I'm fine" I said with a faint smile. "come on"I said and jumped out of bed. I stuck out my hand for him to take it and he kinda hesitated. Did I do something wrong??

Harry's P.O.V
I could tell something was bothering her I just couldn't figure out what. She stuck out her hand for me to take it but I didn' first then a look of pain shot across her face so I took it and smiled. I can't stand to see her look like that.

Your P.O.V
He took my hand and smiled I swore my knees started buckling. Something about him is just....different then other boys..."Harry" "yeah" "why don't you act like other boys?" "what do you mean?" "your different....any other guy would have tried to get in my pants if I stayed at their come you didn't?" "well I don't think it's right to jut use girls for sex.... Girls should be treated like angels. The way they smile,laugh,how they make you want them more and more with everything they do....."

Harry's P.O.V
I stopped talking when I realized (y/n) was just staring at me. Did I have something on my face?? I looked back at her into her eyes....

Your P.O.V
I just stared at him what he had just said made my heart jump...had he meant it all?? I smiled when he looked back at me. It was as if time had all of a sudden stopped and it was just us two. I wanted to kiss him but I have a boyfriend...his eyes kept me from thinking much longer it was like I didn't care about anything at all I leaned in about the time he did and kissed him. It felt like something I'd never felt before. He brushed his tongue against my bottom lip asking for entrance which I accepted I didn't care what would happen I just wanted him. The kiss got more passionate every second that passed. I didn't want to pull away but I had to I have a boyfriend. I broke the kiss and was breathing hat I looked at him he was breathing hard to.

Harry's P.O.V
I kept running thoughts through my mind about that kiss we just shared. It was like nothing I ever felt in my life. I was breathing really hard but I didn't care that was amazing.

Your P.O.V
"sorry" I said after I cought my breath "Nonono I should be the one who's sorry you have a boyfriend I shouldn't have leaned in" "well I should be going" I said and rushed out I felt so bad I had just cheated on my boyfriend but was it really that bad?? We didn't really do nothing it was just one kiss.

Harry's P.O.V
She walked out.....I shouldn't have let her go that kiss felt so amazing but she does have a boyfriend maybe it is best if I just stay away from her...

*6 weeks later*

Your P.O.V
I don't know what to do with my life anymore Harry won't talk to me he won't even look at me ever since that kiss.....I miss him I really do.....

Harry's P.O.V
I haven't talked or looked at (y/n) in 6 weeks it's killing me inside I miss seeing her smile that fit her face so perfectly and her eyes I missed everything about her but I can't see her because........ I think I'm in love with her......

Your P.O.V
Maybe I should txt him but I don't wanna have a rejected feeling if he don't txt back......what's wrong,was it something i did,why won't he talk to me or at least look at me. All the question were popping up in my head when somebody stumbled into my room. I looked over to see the witch laying there but she wasn't movie... Was something wrong?? I got up and slowly started walking over to her,but was distracted by a phone call
?:hello (y/n)
Me:who is this??
?:so you mean you don't remember me
Me:no who r u
?:you'll find out soon enough I assume you already know that your mom is dead
My heart sunk she may have been a witch but she was still my mom-she was the only family I had left.
Me:did you do this?!?!
I said with anger in my tone
?:yes I did and now I'm coming for you-tah tah
And they hung up.
My heart was beating so fast I couldn't think of what to do. I wish Harry was here.......I got up and started packing my suite case maybe I could get out before that person shows up.

Your P.O.V.
I didn't know where I was gonna go I just knew I needed to get out of there. Maybe I could go to Harry's?? The though of seeing him made my heart race but at the same time I wasn't so sure about seeing him. I haven't seen him in forever what if he had somebody special in his life now? Just thinking about somebody besides me with Harry made my heart sink. I was never the type to get jealous its just something about Harry that was different. I finished packing my suitcase and headed out the door to my car I didn't really know where I was going cause I was still debating the topic on if I should go to Harry's but before I knew it I was on the road to his house.

After a while I arrived at his house but I was just sitting there. I couldn't bring myself to go in. After a while of thought I told myself to shut up and knocked on the door. I was getting nervous when nobody answered but eventually I heard the lock being unlocked and the door swing open.

Harry's P.O.V.
I find myself thinking about (Y/N) all the time now I just can't stop thinking about her and the kiss-that kiss wasn't just an ordinary kiss it was far from it the way I felt fireworks explode in my chest and how our lips molding together and moved in sync it was amazing unlike any kiss I've ever had. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door "Who could that be?" I asked my cat Dusty even though I knew he couldn't reply. I walked over to the door and opened it. And there she was - perfect as always just standing there staring at me.

Your P.O.V
I was a little shocked to see Harry at first he looked like he'd been working out and he definitely looked good but that's just usual Harry. I just stood there looking dumb staring at him but I couldn't bring myself to say anything I just had to take him in its been so long since I saw him. I was took out of my thoughts by Harry clearing his throat.
Harry:Umm....h....hi (Y/N)
You managed to croak out. His facial expression changed to one of concern and he looked at you.
Harry:What's wrong love?
Just hearing him call you that made you go crazy inside. she's-
Tears started streaming down your face and you were in Harry's arms in an instant.
You:she's dead
You whispered that into his shirt but your pretty sure Harry could hear you.
Harry:What happened?
You:Well...this man...I don't know who he is mom stumbled into my room and it startled me at first....but I looked at her and she wasn't moving she was just laying there I was going over to check on her when the phone rang......I answered it and this man....he said he killed my mother and.......
You couldn't speak the last part you wanted to tell him but you just didn't know if you would without having a breakdown or something.
Harry:And what (Y/N)
You: and he said.........he said.......he said he was coming after me to....
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