A Silent Memory

14 year old Lilah Royce finds herself fallen out of place as everything in her world doesn't seem right or wrong. She is frozen completely as the death of her friend Ava looms over silencing her presence and blocking her thoughts. Lilah still is in shock she knows she wasn't responsible for Ava's death but she knew she could have stopped it or warned her. The guilt is peeling every piece of her until she finds the truth. Lilah must choose the truth over truth embedded with lies and live with the grief, guilt, pain and love as she uncovers what happened and how it changed not only Ava but herself and made her silent.


1. The Cold Truth

The cold rain hit the sidewalk with cold hard pressure making the whirlpools of water on the sidewalk piter and pater a slow and steady rhythm the rhythm like slow beating heart. Lilah sat on the window seat her eyes in a steady gaze gazing at the rain and the sky. Her eyes were heavy with tempting tears. She was frozen with pain and guilt her feet numb and her heart cold. Lilah hurt everywhere the pain brought tears to her eyes she didn't dare brush them away but let them run down her cheeks and down get chin hot and exhausted. She just sat there and thought of Ava and the phone call.

She was screaming inside bawling, shaking breaking things. But on the outside her face was grim and pursed into a tight frown the heavy tears running down her cheeks. Her eyes blood red just gazing at the window. Silent. She felt pure exausted rage bubble inside of her. She just wanted to go just lie and die like Ava silently but painless just like how Ava did her syrangled screams never heard.
Lilah heard someone behind her but she didnt move just sat and stared silently her eyes wandering in space not here but somewhere else.

Becca came and jumped on Lilah's back but Lilah shrugged her off and looked away. Becca's small eyes glistened with tears.
"Come, play sister!" said Becca. Lilah stayed silent and bowed her head her hair cascaded down her shoulders blocking Becca out.

Becca ran out crying.
"Mommy, Lilah is being mean, she is not playing with me" cried Becca to her mother. At the sound of Becca's whinnying and the 'accusation' of not playing with her. Lilah would have jumped to her defense but today she just sat there empty eyes and broken tortured heart.

Lilah's mother came in not knocking holding hands with very teary Becca.
"Lilah, honey how many times do I have to tell you to play with your sister. She loves you and for Gods s sake
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