A Silent Memory

14 year old Lilah Royce finds herself fallen out of place as everything in her world doesn't seem right or wrong. She is frozen completely as the death of her friend Ava looms over silencing her presence and blocking her thoughts. Lilah still is in shock she knows she wasn't responsible for Ava's death but she knew she could have stopped it or warned her. The guilt is peeling every piece of her until she finds the truth. Lilah must choose the truth over truth embedded with lies and live with the grief, guilt, pain and love as she uncovers what happened and how it changed not only Ava but herself and made her silent.


3. Hooded Figures

The wind blew cold and hard as the sun set over the washboard sky. Low clouds drifted lazily across the sky.

The trees blazed their fiery colours: of oranges, reds and greens, markings of atumn, some trees were bare with no leaves signs that winter was around the corner. The cold harsh wind rustled the leaves and they fell to the ground softly the leaves littered the roads like unpicked garbage. The wind blew the hair of two friends walking down the road on there way to the forest, their feet crunching the leaves like kids eating chips. This wasn't a day to be outside, it was a day to be cuddled near a fire with a mug of steaming hot choclate.

But the two friends didn''t care they smiled and walked. The wind blew harder this time and they suggled in their coats.

One had hair the colour of ebony which was formed into small ringlettes framing her large creamy round face, her eyes were big and brown, and crinkled when she smiled. Her nose was high and big curving into her face. Her smile was big and bright. Her cheeks  pink from the cold. She had her arms linked with her best friend a girl who had long pin straight coffee hair and warm caramel eyes. She had pale pink lips and beige skin, she walked with confidence not looking back but ahead.

Ava was the one with inky black curls and a bright smile, but those smiles hid a lot, a lot more than anyone knew. She was embedded with secrets and guilt and fear. They smelled fear and Ava feared, she hid herself. She knew someone was searching her and her friend Lilah and was planning to kill them unless they.

Kill one they love, possess their soul, burn their heart, and whisper their secrets, and live according to their rules because they were chosen, no choice or discretion, no reason, they got picked and they had too. They had 11 days before one person in their town got killed, they were going to kill them slow and painfull and mark them with their names.

They were a group. They were a lot of them: hooded and tattooed their skin papery white and eyes has green as grass. They approached her one day, the day she was supposed to meet Lilah, one grabbed her by the torso and slammed her again the wall. Ava kicked and screamed but then stopped when a gun was pointed to her head. She stopped yelling but started crying hot tears rolled down her cheeks.

"You listen, and you listen real good you have 11 days to kill one you love, possess their soul, burn their heart and whisper their secrets, if you don't in 11 days one person from your town dies slow and painfull" he whispers his voice raspy and thick with cruelty.

"How can we possess a soul?" Ava asked frightened.

The hooded figure smiled, a chilling smile and whisperes. "Oh you will find a way" grazing his gloved fingers across her cheek. "You and your friend Lilah are the chosen ones this time complete this task and you will live, if you don't well it won't be pretty" he smirks his eyes cold and un amusing.

"Why Lilah? please don't make her do this task" Ava said choking her eyes puffy and red. What was happening. "Please, I will do anything, please don't make us do this task, please"

"The only way you and your pretty friend don't have to this task is if you let us kill you and we can possess your soul."

Ava nodded, a frim nod anything, she had to do anything.

Her pursuer took her chin and whispered. "You have 3 days before we kill you, you have no warning and if you mention this encouter with anybody the person you told will die. Understand?"

Ava nods not meeting his eyes.

"Very well then, spend these 3 days well my pretty" with that he drops her chin and he is gone.

Ava crumbled to the floor her head in her hands and sobed. 




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