A Silent Memory

14 year old Lilah Royce finds herself fallen out of place as everything in her world doesn't seem right or wrong. She is frozen completely as the death of her friend Ava looms over silencing her presence and blocking her thoughts. Lilah still is in shock she knows she wasn't responsible for Ava's death but she knew she could have stopped it or warned her. The guilt is peeling every piece of her until she finds the truth. Lilah must choose the truth over truth embedded with lies and live with the grief, guilt, pain and love as she uncovers what happened and how it changed not only Ava but herself and made her silent.


2. Cold Tears

"Lilah, will you please for heavens sake look at me when I am talking to you?" Asked her mother crossly. Lilah didn't turn around. Her mother walked up to Lilah and turned to face her daughter and saw tears trickling down her face. Lilah couldn't help it she collapsed in her mothers open arms and started crying clutching her mothers shirt. Her crying turned to gasps of air her mother only patted her back comferting her.

"What's wrong sweetie, please tell me what's wrong?"
Ava. Is. Dead. She replied between sobs and gasps of air.
"What are you saying Lilah tell me the truth? How could Ava die hon? They just found her body yesterday.

"No mom! They just found Ava's dead body yesterday" and with that Lilah burst into tears hot angry tears leaving her face cold and confronted. "Ava is dead. Dead, dead, dead." Lilah whimpered and broke down collapsing her mothers firm cold hands keeping her upward.

"Ava is dead?" And her mothers shoulders shook with tears she choked and sobed clutching her daughters shirt.

Beccas big blue eyes glistened with tears. She whimpered. "Sister is Ava really dead?" She asked hoping that the answer was going to be no and that her sister and her mother were joking around her eagerness was stomped when Lilah said "she is dead" Becky. She embraced Becca holding her small fragile body. "I am so sorry baby, so sorry" whispered Lilah in her ear tears ran down Becca's cold hard cheeks. Both sisters hung on to each other both supporting the other.

Together mother and daughter held each other against the weight of the world both trembling and sobbing. Shedding bitter tears. Both couldn't imagine a life without Ava. She was like a daughter to her mother a sister to becca and Lilahs best friend.

They both sat down shivering their hearts heavy.
"How did she die? I thought they found her yesterday? Her mother whispered.
"I don't know they found her dead body in the forest under the crunched fall leaves. I just got a call from Mrs Maveson. Saying how, how Ava was found dead" said Lilah stumbling over her words.

"I don't know how she could die, who would kill her? Said
Lilah trembling with fear putting her head in her hands.
Her mother stayed silent. Becca just sat and stared her blue eyes cloudless and dark.
Lilah gathered Becca in her arms, resting her head on hers.

The truth was Lilah did know how Ava died and knew why she died. She died for her. Her, her stupid selfish self. The thought of that made Lilah squirm and hurt her head hurt and guilt ran down her legs. It was because she sacrificed herself for her. So Lilah couldn't die but she would.

The worst part was Lilah let her thinking it was a joke. Who would want to kill her. She thought Ava couldn't be serious but Ava was serious and a day later Ava was found dead silently dead without a single goodbye. Her silent screams made Lilah want to kill herself the guilt was too much to bear.

Ava never told her who was going to kill her and why? She just told her. That if anyone tried to kill her she would sacrifice herself for her. Lilah took it as a joke saying "yeah right" but that yeah right turned into the truth the cold hard unbearable truth.

Her blood ran cold and her head thumped against her skull. She had to find out who killed Ava and why they didn't kill her. Because she would rather be the one being discovered under those brightly colored autumn leaves.

Her mother got up. I need to talk to Mrs Maveson, her poor daughter found dead her only daughter her mother choked on her words her eyes grim and full of sarrow.

Becca layed beside her her eyes closed. She slept silently.

Lilah remembered the last time she saw Ava. They were walking past the pond. It was a beautiful crisp day. The soft fall breeze blew their hair around their face. The yellow,red, orange leaves fluttered past them. Their footsteps crunching on the fallen leaves. It was a peaceful day but what Lilah didn't know was. That day was filled with blood, secrets, lies, pain and hope.
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