The Kabolski Family

Mulina is a 15 year old girl that faces life and death everyday after being caught in a spy conspiracy. After physcopath bad guys kill everyone in her family, she goes to Maine and discovers what her dad has been hiding from her for 15 years. Now she has the choice to fight back or die without a second thought…


1. Prolouge

"No! Don't shoot!" I yell as I kick the person holding me and run towards my mom. We're in the middle of an abandon warehouse, and my mom, Janice, has five guns pointing right at her. Suddenly everything feels as if it's moving in slow motion, and I can hear my pulse beating at an extreme rate in my brain. I hear the gunshots and am instantly in front of her. Four bullets hit me and the fifth one goes straight into my mom's head. I collapse to the ground with a heart wrenching scream and blood spilling out of my body. Then I look up and see our masked captures leaving. "They're both dead, and if not, they both will be!" I hear one of them laugh as they walk outside, shutting the large, double doors with a loud 'BANG'! It makes me flinch a bit and starts a loud ringing in my right ear.

'I might as well be dead.' I think as I lay on the ground and roll over, onto my back. Then I look up at my mom, head dangling low, and blood dripping from the wound in it. I force myself to stand and demand my legs to, slowly, start making my way towards her. Even though I wasn't far from her, it felt as if I was a thousand miles away. With pain coursing through every inch in my body, it hurts to even stand, let alone walk. Despite that, though, I still go forward. When I reach her I know she's dead, and was right when the bullet hit her. It went straight into her head and through her brain. The one factor that confirms it for me, though, is the pale, lifelessness on her once bright and cheerful face. I fall to my knees, which causes more pain, and see a small tear running down her cheek. I don't even have time to start crying myself, when I topple over onto the cold, hard, cement floor, unconscious.
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